Zimplified Takes the Stress Out of Co-Parenting with a New Mobile and Desktop App Designed for Divorced and Separated Parents

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Zimplified: Your Post-Divorce Life Management Tool

I recommend Zimplified to clients, as it provides the support co-parents need, and gives them back the time and freedom to focus on what’s important.

Zimplified announces the launch of a new app that simplifies and streamlines the co-parenting experience to help reduce stress and conflict. Parents can track and reconcile child-related expenses, update and synchronize a shared calendar, securely store and share important documents and coordinate with caregivers all on one easy-to-use dashboard.

Raising children while living apart can be uniquely challenging. In addition to juggling multiple schedules, co-parents are likely navigating legal agreements, managing their relationship with an ex-partner and adjusting to new financial realities. They can easily become overwhelmed, taking time and focus away from raising happy and emotionally healthy children.

“Zimplified is an excellent co-parenting tool for separated and divorced parents to help them effectively manage the critical aspects of family life that arise when children live in two separate homes,” says Deborah Beylus, Founder, South Florida Mediation Services. “I recommend Zimplified to clients, as it provides the support co-parents need, and gives them back the time and freedom to focus on what’s important.”

With the Zimplified calendar, users can capture and synchronize custody schedules, school activities, medical appointments and important events all in one place to eliminate the risk of miscommunication or missed messages. Parents can also share calendar access with children and caregivers; and users receive relevant notifications whenever the schedule changes.

One of the more challenging aspects of co-parenting is managing the financial terms of a settlement agreement. With Zimplified, users can quickly enter, categorize and reconcile expenses, and attach receipts with our leading-edge, Cloud-based expense management tool. Parents can easily send one another shared expenses and quickly review, approve and reconcile directly through the app.

Zimplified eliminates the need to copy and exchange important documents with the secure document storage feature. Parents can upload and share report cards, insurance information, travel and other documents. Users can also privately store personal information, such as child custody agreements and other legal documents for easy reference. Zimplified adheres to industry standards on information security management to safeguard users’ personal information.

“Zimplified is an extremely valuable resource that I will definitely recommend to my clients involved in high-conflict cases as well as those that are fairly amicable,” says Jamie Segal Davis, of counsel, family law attorney to Orshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa, in Coral Gables, FL and Laing & Weicholz, Boca Raton, FL. “Zimplified offers the broadest set of features available to deal with timesharing, financial and communication issues parents face post-separation and is extraordinarily user-friendly, so it works well for all types of clients.”

About Zimplified
Zimplified, LLC is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company focused on helping divorced and separated parents improve co-parenting and reduce conflict while managing the life and the financial realities of a new family dynamic. Our mission is to reduce conflict and foster collaboration for the benefit of the parents and children. For more information visit http://www.ZimplifiedLife.com or find us in the app store on your Apple or Android device.

As a divorced dad of three, Zimplified founder Jacob Plotsker was frustrated by the obstacles he and his ex-wife faced, despite their best efforts to be effective and supportive parents. Unable to find a comprehensive tool to help them easily and successfully manage their busy lives, he set out to develop a convenient and transparent way for parents to reduce conflict, and manage communications and financial responsibilities. Life, Zimplified!

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