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In the Heat, Check the Seat

"Unfortunately it’s something we hear about on the news every year. Our goal is to raise awareness and try to prevent these tragedies.” -William Mattar

Each year, children and pets die from heat stroke after being left in hot vehicles. Research shows that all across the nation this tragic scenario can happen to the most loving of parents. Often times a parent not used to dropping their child at daycare may head out on the road and through many distractions and stresses on their minds, may arrive at their final destination forgetting that they were to make an additional stop. Other tragedies occur in situations where children may be playing in a vehicle and lock themselves in the car or trunk without the parents knowing. And of course, well-meaning pet parents who like to travel with their dogs may think that cracking the window in a vehicle will be enough ventilation when in fact this can still lead to a tragedy.

On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can rise as high as 100 and 120 degrees in only minutes, and on a 90-degree day, the interior temperature of a vehicle can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes. Summer temperatures can exceed well over 90 degrees on some days as well. A child or animal left in a car under these conditions for even minutes can lead to respiratory distress and potential death from hyperthermia.

Through radio, television and social media, parents and caregivers are encouraged to request a reminder decal that can be placed inside the car where it will be noticed when exiting. Within days of last year’s campaign announcement, there were hundreds of requests from all over the country for these decals, many sending notes of thanks and wanting to take part and raise awareness. One simple reminder decal may help prevent a tragedy. Simply go to williammattar.com to request your decal.

About William Mattar, P.C.
William Mattar Law Offices have represented car accident injury cases since 1990. The firm is actively involved in community events and New York car accident attorney William Mattar has established a number of programs and initiatives such as the Buckle Your Belt campaign, Pencils 4 Schools, and the William Mattar New Year’s Safe & Sober Free Ride Home program. Learn more about the firm’s community involvement and how you can participate by visiting http://www.WilliamMattar.com.

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