Virtual Check Announces A Comprehensive eCheck Payment Platform Designed to Enhance Small Business Merchant Services

eCheck Payment Processing

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Virtual Check

A champion of the eCheck payment processing industry, Virtual Check is helping to change the way merchants accept eCheck payments online. Providing this new and improved eCheck payment platform complete with straightforward, streamlined pricing plans, Virtual Check empowers e-merchants to have full control of their Internet business transactions.

Virtual Check's new payment portal offers small online businesses these elite features:

One-Stop eCheck and Real-Time Verification Payment Management: The Achilles heel of most payment platforms is their inability to provide simple management capabilities for both eCheck payments and check verification methods. Virtual Check’s revolutionary one-point access makes it extremely easy for merchants to collect revenue and validate checks with real-time verification. Additionally, the user interface with intuitive workflows remains the same through all eCheck and verification activities such as pre-authorizing and accepting payments or creating recurring payments.

One-Stop Unified Reporting Options: The new Virtual Check platform now offers direct, one-point access to detailed processing reports - allowing your business to create revenue projections from recurring payments, send consolidated payment receipts to customers, generate financial reports, and balance books with ease. Additionally, Virtual Check's improved one-point access to customized reporting options allows merchants to create product or service-based sales breakdowns, customized breakdowns for sales agents, location-based accounting as well as custom profile based accounting reports.

Process Recurring Payment with Ease: Virtual Check's new payment platform now enables businesses to process recurring payments quickly and easily. Incorporating Virtual Check’s recurring payments will increase business revenue flow and decrease billing workload. Simply set the schedule and let Virtual Check do the work.

An Online Payment Page That Works: Virtual Check’s improved online payment pages enable merchants to collect payment from customers with ease- providing merchants with a sleek, front facing interface that will collect eCheck payments securely. Additionally, Virtual Check’s online payment pages will eliminate the work typically associated with collecting payment. Gone are the days of manually entering payment information into an online terminal!

Pricing to Suit Your Processing Needs: Virtual Check’s streamlined pricing model gives businesses ultimate control over processing expenses. Processing only 5 payments a week? Try our Standard plan with no setup fee. Processing thousands of transactions a day? We have you covered with our Enterprise plan with rates as a low as 1.95% per transaction.

Virtual Check and Your Business

Regardless of the small business owner's needs, the Virtual Check eCheck payment platform provides the most viable solution. From use as a simple payment gateway to use as a comprehensive and unified payment and reporting management tool, the platform enables all merchants with a eCheck merchant account to use it transparently. Best of all, business owners can receive access to all of these powerful features at a fraction of the cost of other eCheck merchant services providers.

Virtual Check provides industry-leading merchant accounts for Electronic Check processing. Virtual Check prides itself in giving merchants an unrivaled payment experience rooted in cutting-edge technology, top-notch customer support, and flexible pricing to meet the needs of any sized business. For over 7 years, Virtual Check has perfected this formula and to this day is the payment provider for thousands of merchants across all industries. For more information about Virtual Check’s merchant services and products, visit or contact the customer support team at 1-800-838-8651

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