Ventura Law Attorney Appointed to The Connecticut Judicial Branch Access to Justice Commission

Attorney Patricia Cruz Fragoso

Ventura Law is pleased to announce that Attorney Patricia Cruz Fragoso has been appointed to serve as a member of the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Access to Justice Commission. The Commission is chaired by Justice Maria A. Kahn and Superior Court Judge Ingrid L. Moll.

The mission of the Access to Justice Commission is to develop recommendations to help ensure equal access for all people, including low- and moderate-income individuals, people with different physical or developmental abilities, the elderly, limited English proficient and ethnic, cultural and racial minorities.

Attorney Patricia Cruz Fragoso of Ventura Law commented, "I am honored to serve on the Commission to give a voice to those who face racial, socio-economic and English proficiency challenges, and to help those who would otherwise have limited access to representation by helping them navigate their way through the judicial system. Having immigrated from Portugal myself and having devoted my career to being a voice for victims who need fair representation, I understand the significance of ensuring equal access to justice for all."

The success of the Access to Justice Commission will be measured by the extent to which individuals can more effectively navigate through the justice system in Connecticut regardless of income or language ability. The Commission will develop performance measures to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the strategies, determine the gap between actual and targeted performance, and determine the effectiveness and operational efficiency of all its initiatives.

Attorney Patricia Cruz Fragoso represents victims who are suffering and injured due to the negligence of others.

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