VA Retro Disability Calculator Brings Modern-Day Tech to an Old…

In an effort to alleviate and empower these brave men and women, we have developed the VA Retro Disability Calculator…It’s easy to use, devoid of VA jargon and nonsensical math -- and it’s free.

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD announced the release of its VA Retro Disability Calculator available free to the public via the law firm’s website.

The tool is designed to help veterans determine the amount of backpay compensation they might be due based on the number of months that have passed from the time the veteran applied for benefits to the time Veterans Administration (VA) awards benefits. This retroactive amount is paid to the veteran in a lump sum, with subsequent checks being paid to the veteran monthly, in the amount determined specified in VA’s award letter to the veteran.

“Often it may take months, sometimes even years, for a disability claim to be granted,” said Robert V. Chisholm, founding partner, Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD. “The VA backlog is improving, but there are so many forks in the road with this claims process, appeals, and so on, that leave a veteran wondering if he or she will ever be compensated for the disabilities they suffered while defending our country.”

“In an effort to alleviate and empower these brave men and women, we have developed the VA Retro Disability Calculator,” Chisholm said. “It’s easy to use, devoid of VA jargon and nonsensical math -- and it’s free.”

A Simple Tool

The VA Retro Disability Calculator takes all the variables in a complex VA disability formula and boils them down to a few, straightforward questions. The user just types in the answers to get an instant estimate of his or her disability backpay.

The first question asks the user to enter the date on which he or she should have gotten a larger disability payment than was received. If there’s a stop date, the user enters that date in the following field. On the third question, the user is asked about the benefit rate the VA should have been paying. A list of answer choices is presented in a drop-down list. Next, the calculator asks for the benefit rate the user was actually receiving. Answer choices are again presented in a drop-down list.

The final questions ask about marital status and dependent parents and children. The user clicks Submit and gets an approximate dollar-figure amount he or she is owed in disability backpay.

“The process is quick and easy and yields valuable information that a veteran would otherwise spend hours of frustration trying to compute,” Chisholm said. “We are pleased to make it available free to the public to ease the burden of this otherwise overwhelming process.”

Committed to Veterans

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick is devoted to helping veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled for their service. Last year, the firm unveiled its VA Disability Calculator, aimed at helping veterans determine their combined VA disability rating and monthly compensation.

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