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Unpaid Overtime Attorney Houston

Regardless of your home life, family size, or civil status, you work hard for your money. You show up on time, you do what you're told, and you go above and beyond to make the best contribution you can on a day-to-day basis at work. Going home late, missing dinner, giving up your personal pursuits for your employer; these are noble courtesies that deserve to be commended and rewarded proportionately. It would seem that the least your employer can do to demonstrate his or her appreciation for your sacrifices would be to pay you the money that you've worked for, so when you begin to accumulate unpaid overtime, it's natural to feel frustrated and angry.

You may wonder if you are entitled to money for your unpaid overtime hours. If so, reach out to Nech Lawfirm for an experienced unpaid overtime attorney in Houston. We'll point you in the right direction and help you recover what's rightfully yours if you are owed back pay.

Are You Given Excuses Instead of Overtime Pay?

As a hard-working employee who never leaves a task uncompleted, you are always up to the call when your boss asks you to stay late. If you have already confronted your employer about your unpaid overtime, and you were told that you do not qualify for overtime or that there is no money in the budget for overtime pay, you may wish to consult with an unpaid overtime attorney in Houston. Nech Lawfirm offers free consultations. We'd love to hear about your unpaid overtime situation.

A lot of employees are given these kinds of excuses, and they never question their employers because the employee believes that the employer genuinely has his or her best interests at heart. What you may not know is that, if you have worked overtime, you are likely entitled to additional pay - even back pay! This is usually a substantial amount of money. Perhaps, you'll have enough money to finally take that much-needed family vacation or pay those backed up bills that have been accumulating at the end of each month.

Contact an Unpaid Overtime Attorney in Houston Today

If you Google "unpaid overtime attorney in Houston," you might be surprised at how many choices you have. More Texans choose Nech Lawfirm because we have the experience and knowledge that clients depend on, and we charge affordable rates - some of the lowest in Houston respective to the services that we provide. In some instances, Nech Lawfirm is able to work on a contingency basis, which means that we only get paid when our clients get paid.

Our expert attorneys are happy to educate you about your rights and help you collect the money that is due to your without fear of workplace retaliation. There's nothing wrong with getting educated about your unpaid overtime rights and receiving the money that you are owed. Remember, you're at work to earn a living first. Even if your boss is the friendliest person in the world, you should not let anyone come between you and the money that you have earned.

Unpaid Overtime Attorney Houston
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