Two of Florida’s Leading Private Investigation Firms, Orlando’s #1…

Two of Florida’s leading private investigation firms are merging into one super organization that provides high level private investigation services in Orlando and Tampa. Southern Recon Agency is a top rated Orlando private investigation firm provides national coverage using technology, internet research, and advanced investigative strategies to provide exceptional customer service. Top Gun Investigations of Tampa is a prestigious Investigative Attorney, founded by Florida’s first dually licensed Attorney and Private Investigator. Together, the two firms have merged into the American P.I. Group, a private investigative service that covers Florida and the United States.

American P.I. Group provides multiple services, including corporate, legal, and domestic private investigation services. The firm covers cyber-crime, covert surveillance, cheating spouses, child custody and corporate investigations.

“We are very excited to merge these two top-rated firms,” said Mark Aubin, COO of American P.I. Group. “Combining the experience and skills of these two firms will make an unparalleled private investigation firm. Between our cyber-crime experience and our skill with covert private investigations, we’re able to provide every client, private and corporate, with services that are not available with any other firm in Florida.”

American P.I. Group provides services from two offices, one in Orlando, the other in Tampa. The offices will coordinate services providing clients with access to both office’s resources and to investigators who are familiar with all types of investigations.

Further, American P.I. Group will continue to offer Private Investigation services to their clients, making it the simplest choice for anyone concerned about child custody, cheating spouses, employee theft, or misuse of company assets.

“Florida deserves a private investigation firm that can do it all and do it well,” Aubin said. “So often, smaller firms try to be jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none, we’re merging two teams of experts so everyone in the firm is truly outstanding at what they do.”

Both Southern Recon Agency and Top Gun Investigations will be maintaining their current locations.

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