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Marketplace Home Mortgage, an innovative leader in the home finance industry, announced today that the company’s Marketplace Approved program is succeeding in assisting homebuyers achieve their goals in today’s ever-changing real estate market.

Marketplace Approved, couples up-front underwriting with MHM’s trademark on-time closing guarantee to bulletproof a buyer’s offer. This one-of-a-kind pre-approval process sets the firm apart from its competition and gives momentum to the message that Marketplace Home Mortgage professionals are dedicated to creating a no-hassle experience for everyone involved in the home selling and buying process.

Recent media reports point to a cooling off of the housing market with a drop in sales and hikes on interest rates. Despite the negative press, experts, including those with Marketplace Home Mortgage don’t believe the future is as bleak as reports make it out to be.

“Interest rates are still lower than they were during the crazy days of 2002 to 2008,” said Keith White, CEO of Marketplace Home Mortgage. “The housing consumer needs to be educated to know that the economy is no longer in crisis. Rising rates are what keep the economy healthy.”

“We want the consumer to know our experts have what it takes to help them succeed in a fierce and ever-changing market,” said White. “With a little bit of knowledge and guidance the consumer can still find the property of their dreams and make it a reality.”

While the real estate market evolves, the experience of Marketplace’s staff provides seasoned stability.

“Our experience and Marketplace Approved is what sets us apart from others,” Jane Johanns, Senior Loan Officer. “Now is still a really good time to purchase a home. There is no need to panic when we have all of the tools to help clients.”

Recent trends in the industry including price increases and the addition of more homes on the market are providing prime opportunities for potential homebuyers.

“The secret sauce is that we always do what’s best for our clients no matter the cost or how much work we have to put in,” said Johanns. “Our culture at Marketplace is what makes it possible to provide the very best in service and innovations throughout the buying process.”

One of the keys to the success of Marketplace Approved is the effort given on behalf of Marketplace’s staff to make sure buyers are prepared when their dream home becomes available. A quality pre-approval can make all the difference in a market where the highest bid doesn’t guarantee a buyer will be successful. Marketplace Approved enhances the buyer’s offer, with a five thousand dollar on-time closing guarantee to the seller while giving Realtors security knowing their buyer can submit a strong offer.

Jim Steel, Marketplace’s Midwest Regional Manager says that now is the time for buyers to take the steps to find the home they want. You read about everyone else stopping their home search because rates have gone up and they are exhausted from looking all summer. The competition is less now, a slightly higher interest rate is not going to cost you as much as overbidding for a home when you are in a multiple offer situation, like we saw this summer.

“Our clients are prepared and ready to buy. When the home they desire becomes available they are more likely to make a strong confident offer, knowing that they have been approved by an actual underwriter, not just some commissioned Loan Officer.” said Steel. “We at Marketplace see the long-range benefit for a client to be ready. Marketplace Approved is by far the industry leader in making a home purchase as streamlined and solid as possible.

About Marketplace Home Mortgage:
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