TRACE Physician Time Keeping App Delivers “One-Stop-Shop” for Health…

Dynafios TRACE Time Keeping App

TRACE Physician Timekeeping App

...with TRACE 5.0, health systems users will have an easy one-stop-shop to approve, audit and manage all contracts.

Dynafios, a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company focused on helping streamline the business of healthcare, is pleased to announce the release of TRACE 5.0 physician timekeeping app. This innovative release is focused on helping healthcare systems become more efficient in managing physician time keeping while maintaining a high level of compliance. The latest version of TRACE will allow health systems to have a centralized approach to approving all physician contracts that require payment for services. From automated reminders to a seamless electronic approval process, TRACE will provide health systems the ability to save countless hours chasing time sheets and physician signatures.

“TRACE was built with the provider in mind to make it very easy and simple to capture information,” said Tina Brinton, chief operating officer at Dynafios. “Now with TRACE 5.0, health system users will have an easy one-stop-shop to approve, audit and manage all contracts.”

Some of the biggest challenges in healthcare today revolve around efficiencies and cost management.To that end, the latest TRACE product release not only drives a high level of compliance with physician contract payments but really helps users provide an efficient way to track, manage and approve physician details through a centralized, easy to manage interface.

Over the past 15 years, Dynafios has focused on working with health systems to enhance patient outcomes and drive cost performance through physician engagement. As a market leader in physician alignment and engagement Dynafios continues to innovate with advancing key products like its’ TRACE time keeping platform as well as 4CAST data analytics.

Since 2014, Dynafios has worked with healthcare organizations to implement TRACE and deliver a unique system to both streamline the collection of time records, as well as drive compliance for physician contracts that require payment for services.

About Dynafios
Dynafios is a leading analytics and healthcare consulting company helping both hospitals and health systems become more successful in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Dynafios software products include 4CAST Analytics Platform and TRACE, a mobile physician timekeeping and contract compliance tool. Health systems and leadership utilize the Dynafios 4CAST Analytics Platform and the TRACE app to work closely with providers in reducing variation, driving performance and elevating compliance. Call 877.858.3282 or email info(at) to learn more about our consulting services, analytics tools and how we can help transform your organization.

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