Tom Ajamie and Courtney Scobie Contribute to New Thompson West Publication

The 15-volume treatise provides comprehensive guidance on all phases of commercial litigation, from the initial case assessment and prospects for trial and arbitration to pleading and discovery. In addition to Tom and Courtney’s section on expert witnesses, the treatise covers mainstay topics such as discovery, pleadings, venue, and jurisdiction. Other chapters include topics that have grown considerably in recent years such as social media, marketing to potential clients, mediation, and arbitration, among others.

Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, 4th Edition is designed to help the practicing attorney plan and manage a wide range of commercial cases. The treatise breaks down the procedural steps in planning a case and provides attorneys with a method for conducting litigation risk analysis. It includes comprehensive checklists of allegations, defenses, and sources of proof to help attorneys plan discovery and evaluate a case as well as numerous jury charges and essential litigation forms.

Outstanding Reviews
The treatise and Tom and Courtney’s chapter have received a number of favorable reviews. In the April issue of Nassau Lawyer, the publication of the Nassau County Bar Association, John McEntee of Farrell Fritz, P.C. wrote, “In many of these chapters there is practical advice not found in other treatises, such as tactical considerations in trying to foil or to effectuate the removal of an action from state to federal court. The treatise distinguishes itself from similar resources in at least two ways. First, it provides practical advice on all aspects of federal trials...Second, there are seven volumes addressing a broad variety of substantive areas of law.”

“...its depth and breadth of coverage on both procedural and substantive topics will allow you to become a more knowledgeable and efficient federal practitioner.” – John McEntee, Farrell Fritz, P.C.

In the May 2017 issue of Philadelphia Bar Reporter, Abraham C. Reich and Mark J. Fanelli of Fox Rothschild LLP stated that the treatise “sets the benchmark among authoritative works for commercial trial lawyers.”

“The Fourth Edition demonstrates that its 296 principal authors, including 27 distinguished jurists, have remained committed to addressing the most cutting edge issues in law and litigation.” –Abraham C. Reich and Mark J. Fanelli, Fox Rothschild LLP

In the June edition of the Albany County Bar Association newsletter, attorney James Potter of Hinman Straub, P.C. wrote that the treatise “provides the collective experience, insight and scholarly research of 296 seasoned practitioners and judges, covering both the common and more esoteric issues confronted in business and commercial cases in the federal courts.”

“The chapter on expert witnesses covers expected topics like qualifying the expert, but also addresses topics like conditioning the jury for expert testimony during voir dire.” –James Potter, Hinman Straub, P.C..

In the July-August 2017 edition of San Antonio Lawyer, attorney Paula Boston of Langley and Banack, Inc. wrote “this is a very thorough federal practice publication that covers nearly every conceivable aspect of a commercial case.”

In the September 2017 issue of the Idaho State Bar publication The Advocate, Kirk J. Houston of Holland & Hart LLP wrote, “My expectations for this treatise were quite high given the array of national law firms and federal judges that contributed to the Fourth Edition, and my expectations were easily exceeded.”

“Each chapter in this 15-volume set contains a thorough, yet concise presentation of the applicable law, helpful strategy suggestions depending on which side of the issue your client is on, and exhaustive checklists that are sure to impress your firm’s loss prevention partner. It is a valuable resource to consult as issues come up in litigation, and consulting it toward the beginning of a representation will greatly improve issue spotting and strategy,” –Kirk J. Houston, Holland & Hart LLP

In the September 2017 issue of the Buffalo Law Journal, columnist Sharon Porcello of Bond Schoeneck & King and former chair of the New York State Bar Associations Commercial & Federal Litigation Section wrote, “This treatise is invaluable for commercial litigation with a basic or complex question.”

In sum, the Fourth Edition of Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts is an indispensable guide for the practicing attorney. We are proud of Tom and Courtney’s contribution to this evolving body of work.

About the Firm
Ajamie LLP is a unique, boutique litigation law firm with a proven track record of large recoveries for victims of financial fraud at trials and arbitrations as well as a long history of defending corporations in complex commercial litigation. The firm is also widely recognized for providing cross-border representation in complex business litigation matters and has the skills and resources to represent clients worldwide.

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