Ticket Crushers Law Shares Winning Lawyer Strategies for Fighting Traffic Tickets

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Fighting the citation can also keep your car insurance premiums lower for years to come.

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Hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney can save one time, money and frustration. “Fighting the citation can also keep your car insurance premiums lower for years to come,” said attorney Adam Cohen, managing partner of Ticket Crushers Law, the Bay Area’s premier DUI, criminal and traffic ticket defense law firm.

Cohen, who has mastered the vehicle code and secured thousands of dismissals on traffic tickets, shares the following three tips on how lawyers win in California traffic court.

No. 1: Securing dismissal of cases. Skilled California traffic lawyers can secure dismissal of cases simply by challenging the quality or quantity of government evidence. “The burden is on the government — through the officer — to prove its case in California traffic court beyond a reasonable doubt,” noted Cohen. “The defendant does not need to testify or prove anything. That’s right: The defendant does not need to testify or even be present in court if the defendant’s lawyer appears. So, the defendant does not need to attend court to win, but the officer does. Bottom line, a lawyer can win a trial simply by challenging the government evidence — the officer’s testimony.”

No. 2: Preventing points and fees. Sometimes, the lawyer can win the case just by showing up when the officer does not, and demanding a dismissal. “This means, of course, that the defendant saved valuable time by avoiding court and having the lawyer attend instead,” added Cohen. “More often than not, the officer does show up, in which case the lawyer can negotiate a dismissal, or reduced charge or fine with the officer or judge, if that would mean securing the best available result. Or, if the best option is a trial, the lawyer will challenge the government’s evidence. This involves utilizing the legal skills of cross examination and presenting technical arguments related to the specific charges and facts.”

No. 3: Winning arguments. Lawyers know which arguments work and which do not. For instance, is “the driver was going downhill” a good defense to speeding? “Yes, sometimes, depending on various factors,” explained Cohen. “Or would it make sense to argue that ‘the driving maneuver was safe for conditions’ in a case? Again, sometimes, depending on many other details. This is the type of knowledge a traffic lawyer brings to bear in each case.”

About Ticket Crushers Law
Ticket Crushers Law defends traffic ticket, motor vehicle injury accidents, DUI, and criminal cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Coast, and the Central Valley. Ticket Crushers Law attorneys provide a free consultation on all such matters. For more information, please call (415) 275-6175, or visit http://www.ticketcrusherslaw.com.

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