The United CPA Association Announces Major New Partnership

The UCPAA’s main goal is to help CPA firms grow their business. This not only includes helping our members attract more clients, but also helping them save money on services they’re already using.

The UCPAA is teaming up with a time tracking giant to expand its business deeper into the accounting pool. Here are some of the details of the deal:

  • The partnership is with Time Clock Wizard, Inc, and it means that UCPAA Member Firms will now have free access to TCW’s popular time and attendance solution.
  • Members of the United CPA Association (UCPAA) will also be able to offer their clients access to a free version of Time Clock Wizard’s software.
  • Executives from both companies think of the partnership as a natural way to expand their brands into new sections of the accounting industry.

The United CPA Association (UCPAA) is excited to announce a strategic partnership with time and attendance pioneer Time Clock Wizard, Inc. The partnership will allow UCPAA to offer Time Clock Wizard’s premium online time and attendance solution to member CPA firms across the United States.

“The UCPAA’s main goal is to help CPA firms grow their business,” says UCPAA Vice President Marshall Golub. “This not only includes helping our members attract more clients, but also helping them save money on services they’re already using.”

The new partnership also gives UCPAA Member Firms the ability to offer a free version of Time Clock Wizard to their respective clients. This value added service provides an additional way for member firms to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

The Ideal UCPAA Partner

Time Clock Wizard is a leading provider of online employee time tracking, scheduling and payroll solutions. Its website boasts ‘Trusted by over 100,000 businesses’ and ‘Loved by 1 MILLION+ Employees. Its clients include the likes of such popular franchises as Remax, Allstate, Hallmark and others.

“Time Clock Wizard is eager to build new relationships, not just with national organizations such as The United CPA Association, but also with CPA and Accounting firms across the United States,” says Melissa Ruy, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Time Clock Wizard. “We are looking at several value added services to offer UCPAA members, in addition to our proprietary time and attendance solution.”

About the United CPA Association

Described as a meeting ground for CPAs and prospective clients, features a searchable directory of accounting firms throughout the United States. Utilizing the UCPAA’s individual data points and reviews for each firm, consumers can research and compare, narrowing their options to find the best fit for their particular needs.

CPA firms who successfully claim their listing are eligible to become UCPAA members. The membership not only helps firms gain more online exposure, but also provides value added tools to further set them apart from their competitors. UCPAA membership requires firms to adhere to the association’s mission of advancing transparency, integrity, and consumer protection.

The UCPAA Advisory Board

The UCPAA is backed by a board of advisors who are dedicated to the Association’s mission. With decades of diverse experience at its disposal, this 12-member CPA board of advisors has a hand in everything the UCPAA does to improve the CPA/Client experience. This includes playing a pivotal role in the UCPAA’s membership program, educational materials, webinars, conferences, and helping to shape its policies and procedures.

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