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Any decrease in PCI compliance gives fraudsters an easier path to sensitive data...[and] we recognize a sense of urgency to provide ePayments law firms and vendors...

Today, Systems East, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive finance, billing, and payment solutions since 1981, announced that it is expanding its Xpress-pay ePayment solution into the legal industry.

“Law firm clients are increasingly trying to pay retainers and invoices with credit or debit cards. Every lawyer and Firm Administrator with whom I have spoken expresses the same concerns regarding convenience, security, and reduction of processing fees when it comes to accepting ePayments,” states Melissa Rogozinski. Ms. Rogozinski had a lengthy and progressive career in law and legal technology education before joining Systems East, Inc. as its Education and Training Expert.

Offering an ePayment solution to clients is an important, next business step for law firms and legal vendors. However, research reveals that many law firms and vendors are not prepared to accommodate clients who want to pay via electronic payment methods. The challenge is the same, whether services are provided by a solo practitioner, an AMLaw 100, or other legal services organization. Being able to provide a secure portal that will protect clients’ PII, reduce risk to the law firm and vendor, expedite availability of funds, and keep Trust and Operating accounting separate is paramount to the decision to implement ePayment acceptance.

Further, a recent report indicates that only 52.5% of organizations inspected maintained full PCI Compliance, which is down for the first time in six years. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is mandated by the card brands for ePayment processing and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. If you accept ePayments, you should search for your provider on the Visa Global Registry to verify their PCI certification status.

James Buttino, President of Systems East, Inc., commented, “Law firms and vendors handle an incredible amount of sensitive information for clients regarding their cases and payment of services. Any decrease in PCI compliance gives fraudsters an easier path to sensitive data, like credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, etc. In view of the recent report, we recognize a sense of urgency to provide ePayments education and solutions to law firms and vendors in the legal industry.”

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