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Despite anticipated industry downturns this year, Envoy’s strategic focus on innovation and investment in technology-driven platforms has us poised for another year of ‘wins’ heading into 2019", said Melody Warren, Marketing Director.

Having concluded a robust year of accomplishments surrounding customer experience, digital tool adoption, brand exposure and web accessibility improvement, Envoy Mortgage, a national mortgage lender based out of Houston, Texas, considers 2018 a grand success. Various process, product and tech-centered initiatives also played a huge role this past year successfully equipping and empowering their production teams through focused training, digital and technological tools, techniques and advancements. Among others, these initiatives helped facilitate ultimate efficiencies in producing and processing mortgage loans nationwide, setting the tone for another standout year of productivity.

“With rapidly maturing digital landscapes, technology and consumer demands, adopting and implementing effective digital trends and marketing strategies is crucial for continued business development. We recognize that to stay relevant and compete in today’s market, Envoy must invest in technology and digital initiatives that put us ahead of the curve,” said Envoy Marketing Director, Melody Warren.

This past year also marked the beginning of a substantial marketing transformation for Envoy, starting with the launch of their new customer relationship management system, Total Expert, that provides various sub-tools including custom single property websites, lead capture apps, variable listing flyers with pricing engine tool integration, robust reporting potential and pipeline management. Since launch, Total Expert adoption by licensed Envoy producers reached a notable 80% with over 320k client and referral contacts added to their system over the last 8 months.

Additionally, significant web development goals were achieved, resulting in a 63% increase in monthly users to Envoy’s website. As a result of other web features, enhancements and keyword targeting, the number of times consumers found local Envoy listings via search engine or Maps nearly doubled while the number of times consumers have contacted their branch locations from online search increased by 40%.

Other implementations made in web optimization efforts include implementing schema data to improve local search engine rankings and engagement, (contributing to a 12% increase in organic web traffic), and client survey integrations, (resulting in nearly 80,000 social sharing displays and an increase in our survey completion rate to 55%). This past year alone, Envoy experienced a 74% increase in monthly web events such as clicks to apply, call and email sales reps directly.

“This last year we provided a high-demand client portal allowing mobile applicants an easy avenue to check their loan status along with improved API and POS enhancements. To-date, our mobile app has been shared more than 12,000 times, 25% of which is from referral partners with more than 20,500 mortgage calculations completed by clients through our app,” said Envoy Digital Marketing Implementation Specialist, Amy Price.

Latest on the list of 2018 achievements, Envoy partnered with Synup, a platform that allows high-level management of corporate data and information across search engines, review sites and local directories.

“With Synup and locally driven originator sites, we are able to manage our local listings, aggregate our interactions on the web, monitor performance for pages and create reports for our branch managers. With Envoy’s originator and branch web pages, our originators experience greater online visibility through optimized search while offering their digital consumer base the convenience of online local search capabilities,” said Prince.

To top off an accomplished year, one of the most fruitful results of Envoy’s designated goals and efforts throughout 2018 was expanding their national reach even further by welcoming to hundreds of new hires and 35 new branch locations.

“Despite anticipated industry downturns this year, Envoy’s strategic focus on innovation and investment in technology-driven platforms has us poised for another year of ‘wins’ heading into 2019. Our goal is to help our loan originators and Realtor partners reach a growing number of diverse markets through scalable, automated technology so that more and more borrowers ‘love their mortgage experience’ with Envoy,” Warren said.

About Envoy Mortgage
Founded in 1997, Envoy Mortgage is an independently owned national mortgage lender headquartered in Houston, TX. As a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae approved seller/servicer, Envoy branches offer a full menu of loan products with locations across the U.S. Licensed in 49 states, Envoy branches provide outstanding customer service from dedicated team members who offer a full menu of loan products with the tools, expertise and technology needed to support all functions of the mortgage process. More information is available at Envoy Mortgage, Ltd. NMLS #6666.

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