Stephen Varanko’s New Tax Blog to Make Debut in August

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Consumers who feel that taxes are confusing or downright scary will soon gain access to a brand-new and free resource provided by Certified Public Accountant Stephen Varanko. Varanko’s new tax blog will make its debut in August with the goal of answering consumer’s tax questions and helping them to avoid potentially costly mistakes during the tax season and beyond.

Varanko’s new blog recently underwent a successful closed beta testing phase and ended up receiving much more traffic and positive feedback than initially anticipated. As a result, an open beta testing phase is scheduled for the final week of July, with version 1.0 of the website slated to be released on Aug. 10.

On the website, readers will be able to tap into the years of expertise that Varanko & Black, CPAs possess. For instance, consumers can learn about how the new tax law will impact them in 2018 and in the years ahead, particularly for those who own pass-through entities. They can also learn how to track their mileage more accurately and efficiently using the latest mobile device apps.

Varanko, who founded Varanko & Black, CPAs back in 1983, has earned a reputation for his unparalleled tax expertise. He has spent decades guiding his firm’s clients -- both local businesses and individuals -- through a number of tax preparation and planning decisions with the aim of minimizing their tax liabilities, keeping them on the road to achieving their financial goals, and maximizing their cash flow. Varanko’s thorough research, analysis, and extensive experience enable him to optimize the many financial opportunities found in today’s existing and new tax laws.

In addition to offering high-quality tax management services, Stephen Varanko offers a variety of other professional services, ranging from retirement and financial planning to business consulting. He additionally offers business valuation, payroll, and financial statement preparation services.

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