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Stanek Lemon Crouse + Meeks, PA (Stanek Lemon), a law firm focusing on intellectual property protection, is proud to announce that it has been accepted to the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF).

Utilizing a detailed vetting process to evaluate firms for membership, NAMWOLF promotes diversity in the legal profession by fostering successful relationships among preeminent minority and women-owned law firms and private/public entities. To qualify, Stanek Lemon met rigorous criteria focusing on the firm’s Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) status, reputation, references, awards/recognition and practice area expertise as well as adherence to NAMWOLF's core values.

"NAMWOLF member firms go through a very onerous vetting process to ensure they meet the high-quality standards that Fortune 500 companies rightfully demand," remarked NAMWOLF CEO Joel Stern. "We are pleased to have Stanek Lemon Crouse + Meeks, PA join NAMWOLF as one of a select group of firms that have qualified for membership. Their focus on intellectual property protection builds on an important and growing area of practice to our members and corporate partners. Our organization is proud to recognize firms like Stanek Lemon that share our commitment to bringing diversity and excellence to the legal profession."

Our acceptance to NAMWOLF and certification as a women-owned business is a significant achievement to many of our clients for whom diversity, equity and inclusion matter when seeking outside counsel. Admission to NAMWOLF allows Stanek Lemon to continue the firm's mission of providing patent prosecution and other intellectual property law services using a diverse workforce.

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Shawna Cannon Lemon, PhD

About Stanek Lemon Crouse + Meeks, PA:
Stanek Lemon Crouse + Meeks, PA (Stanek Lemon) is an intellectual property and technology law firm having patent attorneys and patent practitioners with a proven record of success in handling patent and patent-related matters for small, mid-size, large, local, national and international organizations. At Stanek Lemon, diversity among our team, technical experience and clients allows us to bring creative approaches and solutions to protecting innovation for our clients.

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