Spodek Law Group Announces New Long Island Criminal Defense Website

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Spodek Law Group expands into Long Island with it's criminal defense division with it's new website https://www.longislandcriminallawyers.com

Spodek Law Group, a premier NYC criminal defense law firm with 3 different NYC locations is pleased to announce it's expansion into Long Island. Spodek Law Group is pleased to announce the launch of https://www.longislandcriminallawyers.com, a new website geared towards prospective clients in Long Island. This new website by Spodek Law Group helps the firm expand it's marketing presence into Nassau and Suffolk County. The new website by Spodek Law Group offers legal information about all types of felonies and misdemeanors so that those wrongfully accused of committing a crime can get the help they need, and deserve, in order to avoid fines and possible jail time.

In addition to the launch of the new website, Spodek Law Group is pleased to announce new offices in Hicksville, Long Island, where in person consultations are available for prospective clients. Todd Spodek, managing partner for the firm, mentions, "Our goal is to provide legal help. We take on fewer clients than other firms, and are focused on providing results, quality of service, and success - to each and every client. It's no wonder so many wrongfully accused clients often refer us to their family and friends, even for practice areas based criminal defense, including divorce, etc. Expanding into Long Island means we can now offer these high quality services to clients in Long Island."

In addition to the new offices and marketing presence in Long Island, Spodek Law Group will continue to offer legal representation in NYC with it's 3 offices located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Todd Spodek mentioned, "Within the next year we're hoping to have a presence in all 5 boroughs of NYC, that will build on our growth in Long Island. We never want clients to feel that distance is a problem - when wanting to work with us. We understand transportation can be difficult in such serious circumstances - that's why we often meet our clients, and their family members - at whatever time, and place, is convenient for them."

Spodek Law Group offers full scale legal representation for a wide array of criminal offenses, ranging from petty misdemeanors to full scale federal investigations and white collar crimes. Wrongfully accused prospective clients can visit any of our locations in NYC or Long Island, in order to get a consultation and learn more about their rights.

About Spodek Law Group
Spodek Law Group is a results oriented criminal defense law firm. They take fewer clients than other criminal defense law firms, and focus on providing high quality results to each and every client. Based out of NYC, Spodek Law Group now has offices in Long Island - including Nassau and Suffolk County. Managing partner Todd Spodek is a second generation attorney who continues the Spodek Law Group. The firm has over 40 years of experience, protecting those accused of crimes.

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