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“Our experience has been that bigger isn’t always better.”

As law offices around the country continue to merge with large, national firms, the nine employees of Minneapolis firm Soule & Stull LLC today announced five years of success as a small firm serving the litigation needs of clients around the country.

“Our experience has been that bigger isn’t always better,” said George Soule, co-founder and partner of Soule & Stull and a large firm veteran. “Those of us who can provide big firm experience with the highly personalized service of a small office are doing extremely well in this market.”

Soule & Stull has seen its billings steadily increase since its founding in 2014 and has added staff to accommodate client growth. In the last 12 months, the firm has successfully tried major cases in New York and Colorado to defense verdicts.

One of Soule & Stull’s clients, John Ledy, praised the firm’s deep expertise and high degree of service in handling his company’s recent case in Colorado. “’Small firm, big results,’ would sum up our experience,” said Ledy, president of Innovize. “The service we received was outstanding and the verdict on this complex case speaks volumes about the competence of our legal team.”

Soule & Stull partner and co-founder Melissa Stull credits the firm’s strong reputation and proficiency in practice areas as ingredients to their success. “We have established our brand by hiring high-caliber and diverse legal talent, providing exceptional client service and being very active in the legal community,” Stull said.

The firm’s success tracks with a 2019 market analysis by Citi Bank showing the legal services market favoring “the industry’s largest and, notably, its smallest firms… reputation and brand are currently helping firms win new work.” Other recent surveys have found an emerging preference for smaller firms based on client service, innovation, expertise and value.

“The great news is the market is not a zero-sum game,” reported Soule. “We’ve found excellent partnerships with bigger firms by serving as national or local counsel. And with continued consolidation in the market, even more firms will be seeking referrals due to client or case conflicts of interest.”

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Soule & Stull focuses on product liability, commercial litigation, personal injury and property damage, Indian law, appeals and alternative dispute resolution. The firm’s attorneys have tried over 70 cases to verdict in 20 states and coordinate litigation nationwide. Woman- and minority-owned. For more information go to or call Valerie Martin 612.743.4013.

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