Section 338 & 336 Elections Explained: Live Webinar by Eli…

Section 338 & 336 Elections
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Know how and when to use the elections when stock is being purchased or disposed

Eli Financial, a division of audio conference and corporate education leader ProEdTech, will host the live webinar “Section 338 & 336 Elections Explained—With Practical Examples” with industry veteran Vicki L. Mulak, EA, CFP® on Thursday, January 31, 2019, at 1 pm ET.

Can a buyer acquire a target corporation's stock for legal purposes but its assets for tax purposes, resulting in a stepped-up basis in the target corporation's assets? Fortunately, the answer is YES, when one of the two Section 338 elections is made, viz. 338(g) or 338(h)(10). Similarly, the Section 336(e) election can be advantageous for stock transfers to non-corporate purchasers. But how and when can one use the elections when the stock is being purchased or disposed?

Time to get acquainted with Section 338 and 336 elections: In this detailed webinar, taxation and accounting expert Vicki L. Mulak, EA, CFP® will walk attendees through the mechanics of all three elections, show how they are made, and explain which elections are appropriate for which client scenario. Mulak will use practical scenarios, and provide a tax reform update affecting scenarios where target corporations are controlled foreign corporations (CFCs).

After attending this webinar, attendees will know how and when to use the elections when stock is being purchased or disposed. They will be able to calculate the basis in assets that result from the election for the purchaser, and calculate the gain to the seller. This webinar will also make them more confident in recognizing how “old target” and “new target” are treated for tax purposes with each of the three elections.

Session Highlights

The session will help CPAs, EAs, attorneys, and other tax preparers to learn:

  • How each Section 338 election functions in a sale of stock
  • How to calculate the Aggregate Deemed Sale Price (ADSP) and the Adjusted Grossed-Up Basis (AGUB)
  • How to calculate the Aggregate Deemed Asset Disposition Price (ADADP) for 336(e) elections
  • How to properly complete IRS election Form 8023 and asset allocation Form 8883

For more information on Section 338 and IRS election Form 8023, and to register, visit:

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