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The world’s premier provider of expert witness services to litigators, Round Table Group (RTG), has been reacquired by its original founders as it enters its 25th anniversary year.

With an unprecedented consortium of scholars and practitioners globally, RTG is the leading organization that matches litigators, including nearly all of the AM Law 200, with expert witnesses. RTG specializes in practice areas including patents and intellectual property, banking and finance, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, commercial litigation, antitrust litigation, insurance litigation, and numerous other areas of expertise.

Beyond serving litigators, RTG provides professors and experts with an array of seamless project support and billing services.

“I am thrilled to announce the reacquisition of Round Table Group from Thomson Reuters, an organization we admire deeply,” said Russ Rosenzweig, CEO and co-founder. “25 years ago, from a dorm room on the campus of Northwestern University, my colleagues and I discovered that the legal industry had a gaping hole in its process: finding great expert witnesses. As legal practitioners understand, a case often hinges on expert witness testimony, and we are thrilled not only to have created this unique and critical category, but also to have seen our witnesses impact thousands of disputes from each corner of the United States and around the world.”

RTG quickly engages the best and most qualified expert witness for clients at the exact moment of need. RTG adheres to a strict proprietary process of matching and coordinating expert witnesses for litigators in a confidential manner providing the best access to the brightest minds in the precise area of need for the most significant litigation matters of the day.

“I have enjoyed working with Round Table Group for many years,” said Reza Dibadj, Professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. “The organization has created a seamless process of matching my expertise with litigators and I look forward to working with them for years to come.” Prof. Dibadj, an antitrust scholar, is one of the thousands of university professors who are part of Round Table Group. “We especially want to thank the professors, department chairs, deans and provosts from the world’s leading universities who have been part of Round Table Group since 1995,” said Rosenzweig, who further noted that many professors and practitioners utilize RTG’s infrastructure to turbo-charge their career as expert witnesses.

For those looking to identify an expert witness, please call Round Table Group at 202-908-4500 or click here. For experts looking to affiliate themselves with Round Table Group, please click here.

“When I need the most qualified and experienced expert witness, I’ve always turned to Round Table Group,” said Kimball Anderson, a partner at Winston & Strawn LLP who has been leveraging RTG’s services since its inception.

About Round Table Group: Founded in 1995, Round Table Group (RTG) is an unparalleled provider of expert witness search and referral services to the legal marketplace. The organization’s network includes an extensive array of the world’s top industry and academic experts, and that nexus of talent is the starting place for any expert search.

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