Rocket Matter Announces Braavos Edition, Including Insurance Defense…

Rocket Matter’s Insurance Defense Module will be able to vastly increase the accuracy and collections of these law firms and make Insurance Defense lawyers’ lives a whole lot easier.

Rocket Matter, the leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software, today announces the first of a series of dramatic new application improvements and practice area-specific add-on modules with their new Braavos release. The company, which ushered in the new era of cloud-based legal software in 2007, continues to pioneer in the area of web app performance, user interface design, and new functionality for law firms.

Braavos includes a new optional add-on module for Insurance Defense firms, which greatly simplifies the arduous tasks these law firms face when billing their clients. Rocket Matter’s powerful batch billing feature received an overhaul, including an 80% speed increase in running invoices as well as bulk-editing capabilities for users in charge of billing. Also, Rocket Matter’s engineering team has been hard at work optimizing the technology stack, resulting in a huge boost to Rocket Matter’s overall responsiveness.

“We’re excited for Braavos,” says Larry Port, Rocket Matter founder and CEO and co-author of the ABA’s #1 bestseller The Lean Law Firm. “Many of our larger clients are Insurance Defense firms that are burdened by very inefficient billing processes. Rocket Matter’s Insurance Defense Module will be able to vastly increase the accuracy and collections of these law firms and make Insurance Defense lawyers’ lives a whole lot easier. Plus, Rocket Matter is known for being fast and intuitive, so it’s always nice when we’re able to make our software even faster and more intuitive than it already is.

For Insurance Defense firms, Rocket Matter’s new add-on module is a major improvement from existing products and processes. The module allows for widespread LEDES code entry across the product’s Bill-as-you-Work™ technology, including timers, tasks, calendar events, document uploads, and more. Insurance defense firms can capture LEDES codes while working in Outlook and Word documents via Rocket Matter’s Office 365 plugin.

For the people who have to run and submit bills, Rocket Matter added the ability to audit LEDES invoices to identify common rejection errors. Also, when LEDES invoices are run in Rocket Matter, they can be paired with human-readable invoices so that administrators do not have to parse an arcane, pipe-delimited file.

One of Rocket Matter’s major differentiators among legal practice management software providers is the power of its batch billing. Now, the batch billing is even better, with a massive speed improvement and major user interface improvements. Firms with hundreds or thousands of invoices can run them in minutes, with a speed improvement in Braavos of 80% over the previous version.

Users can bulk-edit time entries from the batch billing grid. Legal administrators no longer have to leave the billing screen to make adjustments to matters, and multiple changes can be made at once. Additionally, the batch billing screen can now be printed in a clean format for auditing, eliminating the need to run pre-bills for many firms.

About Rocket Matter
Rocket Matter helps law firms offer better client service and also increase revenues by more than 20%. The company was the first cloud-based legal practice management software on the market, landing its first client in 2007. It has been a leader ever since.

Rocket Matter has the most powerful, easy-to-use time and billing software in the industry. Also, when law firms want to make more money, go paperless, or increase confidence in their trust accounting, Rocket Matter helps them achieve those goals. With award-winning customer service based in the United States, it’s no wonder thousands of law firms swear by Rocket Matter.

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