Respondology Launches “The Mod” To Combat Toxic Online Content

Respondology, a division of Boulder Heavy Industries devoted to creating technology for good, has created “The Mod,” a new tool for influencers and brands to take back the control over their social channels. Trolls, hate, and predatory behavior within comment feeds has proved to be a dangerous problem for brands and influencers. Respondology’s first-of-its kind comment moderation tool protects people and companies across YouTube and Instagram while social platforms struggle to offer solutions.

“Consider YouTube’s recent comment ban,” said Respondology President Erik Swain. “In the end, it’s the brands, influencers, and users who suffer. Our solution not only helps influencers maintain engagement, but also enables them to control what is seen on their social media channels, not what the platform wants viewers to see.”

How “The Mod” Works:
Using filtering technology, plus thousands of live U.S.-based Moderators, The Mod removes toxic content that the user has specified they want moderated in their personal Mod Dashboard. It hides those comments from everyone, except the troll who made the comment and his or her followers, to avoid retaliation or inflaming the situation. Thousands of keywords are already installed in The Mod; a user can simply customize keywords to match their content or comfort level, hit start, and they are protected across YouTube and Instagram in five minutes or less.

“I am really excited for the growth potential Respondology will provide with my clients,” said adventure travel social influencer JJ Yosh, who also runs his own influencer management company. “I manage over 150 social media accounts from various industries, so having a service that can curate and cleanse comments and thus drive more positive engagement is invaluable to my business and my clients’ growth.”

In addition, The Mod not only hides predatory and toxic comments, but also reports in the system the social handle that made those comments. This data can be used to help identify the bad actors to the proper authorities.

“Being parents ourselves, obviously concerned about what our kids see online, and also running a tech company, The Mod has been in development for quite some time,” said Swain. “Trolls aren’t new, but the targeting of young children and online hate is getting worse by the day—we wanted to create something that empowers the user to monitor their own content to keep their viewers safe and, frankly, themselves sane by not having to read such ugliness on a daily basis.”

“I believe Respondology will revolutionize the social media market for influencers, celebrities, bloggers, and businesses alike,” added Yosh.

About Respondology
Respondology is putting the humanity back into technology by focusing on “technology for good.” With the creation of their latest tool, The Mod, the Boulder, CO-based company is helping brands and influencers regain control of their social worlds by cleansing toxic, predatory and spam content from their comment streams. For more information on Respondology and The Mod, please see:

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