Renowned Psychic Detective Todd Segal Helps to Locate Lost Animals as…

Todd Segal Psychic Detective and Medium

Over time I’ve made a name for myself, not as just another fortune teller, but as a psychic medium who pushes the boundaries and opens doors for people to move forward in their lives.

May 2019 is National Pet Month, and to commemorate this holiday, Todd Segal, Psychic Detective and Medium will be available to assist animal and equine training facilities and pet organizations, and help with rescues. He will provide readings for pets, and will give special insight to their owners about proper care and handling. He will also show them how to better communicate with their furry friends. His "uncanny" success rate in locating lost pets has helped to bring much peace and joy to their grateful owners.

With his keen sensitivity and special abilities to help find missing animals, Todd Segal is the ultimate "pet detective". He has helped to locate numerous missing pet cases over the years, including one for an indoor cat that was trapped in a snowstorm for more than a week during freezing temperatures. With his special intuitive gifts, Todd was able to bring the animal back home safely.

But pets are only one aspect to his unique service. Todd is a reader for the prestigious Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, VA and as a psychic detective, he handles high profile and serious crime investigations. He uses his unique abilities to see, feel, hear and sense the energy of physical locations remotely from hundreds of miles away. Todd works on location, using his mediumship skills to connect with the deceased on investigations, and to uncover the history of the occupants of a particular place.

According to Todd, "I've always been sensitive to the energy of a place and its people. As I grew up, I found that leading a quiet, rural life and raising animals has helped to nurture my psychic abilities. As I tested my intuition my visions became stronger and clearer, prompting me to offer my investigative services. I've made a name for myself as a psychic medium who pushes the boundaries and opens doors for people to move forward in their lives. I help to bring real proof to the public eye."

Todd has been featured in The Best Psychic Directory, a website for psychics and mediums created by author and TV detective Bob Olson. Segal has since become one of the most sought-after pet rescuers listed on many missing pet organization pages, and is used by K-9 trackers.

Each year National Pet Month brings together animal welfare charities, professional bodies, businesses and schools to help promote positive pet ownership, and to raise funds for good causes.

Todd Segal Psychic Detective and Medium Service offers missing pet, person, and criminal investigations, in-person readings, and phone, SKYPE, and email readings. He is on Facebook "live" once a month, and will take Q&A's for free.

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Todd Segal Psychic Detective and Medium is available for interview, and to comment on current or "cold cases".

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