Remedy Bail Bonds Answers Common Questions About the Cost of Bail

Most individuals have little or no experience with bail bonds; when they find themselves in need of one, there are a lot of uncertainties and unanswered questions. Many of these questions center on cost. In a new statement to the press, Remedy Bail Bonds provides illumination, answering common inquiries regarding the cost of bail, and of bail bonds, in California.

“Many people want to know how much bail costs, but there’s no single answer to this question,” says Remedy Bail Bonds in its statement to the press. “The cost of bail is really up to the judge, who may weigh many different factors.” These factors include the severity of the crime, flight risk, public safety, and the criminal history of the accused; those who have never been arrested before will generally receive lighter bails.

The cost of a bail bond is easier to summarize. “Most of the time, it’s going to be 10 percent of the total bail amount,” says Remedy Bail Bonds. “So, if the judge sets bail at $30,000, you can expect the bail bond premium to be $3,000.”

Even this 10 percent premium might sometimes prove unaffordable—but according to Remedy, there are always options. “You can always ask your bail bond company about financing options,” the company states. “Here at Remedy Bail Bonds, we have a lot of financing options, such as rebates and flexible payment plans with no interest”.

Collateral can also be required. “With larger bail bonds, you may need to offer up a piece of property that’s equal in value to the bail amount to secure the bail bond—though frankly, collateral is seldom needed here at Remedy,” the company states.

A final question: Is the bail bond premium refundable? “Because the bail bond company assumes liability on the defendant’s behalf, the bail bond premium is not refundable once it is posted and accepted,” Remedy

Those who have additional questions about the cost of bail, or of a bail bond, may seek further information from Remedy Bail Bonds; the company can be found online at

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