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"David Klasing can provide all client services remotely, building and maintaining relationships with new and old clients"

During this time of uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, people still need help with tax services, legal advice, and representation. The Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, P.C., are able to provide the services you need through our ability to conduct business and build relationships over the phone and through online screenshares.

Even as other services shut down because of concerns over spreading the coronavirus, the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing are still in operation, helping clients with what they need for tax planning and for dealing with potential IRS federal audits.

The Klasing Associates also work with those who need help with California state tax situations, as they have extensive knowledge and experience in working with both federal and state tax laws.

As the federal government considers stimulus payments and other financial benefits for small businesses and individual taxpayers in an attempt to help the economy during the pandemic, your tax situation in the future could change. You can count on the tax attorneys of David W. Klasing to stay on top of these changes in real time, helping you adjust all of your tax planning strategies to match your new financial situation. And when things return to normal, they will be ready to represent your interests.

At the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing, technology has always been used to facilitate their ability to communicate with and serve their clients, and will continue to do so in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Klasing Associates provide all kinds of tax related services through use of technology, including dealing with litigation related tax issues.

David Klasing will remain focused on the health and safety of his employees and clients. He can provide all client services remotely, building and maintaining relationships with new and old clients, should that be your preference.

Should you require a face to face meeting during this time, David Klasing is an instrument rated pilot and owns a Cirrus SR 22 that allows him to travel anywhere throughout California for meetings, ensuring that he can serve clients as efficiently and safely as possible in the manner that works best for them. However, in these times, it is preferred to start a relationship by phone or via go to meeting encrypted video conferring software to ensure that the relationship is mutual.

David W. Klasing has dual California licenses, allowing him to simultaneously practice as an attorney and a CPA, serving clients in all areas of taxation, estate planning, and business law. He aggressively protects his clients’ interests in areas of IRS or state tax audits and associated criminal investigations.

To schedule a 10-minute call with an experienced tax attorney to discuss your notification of a tax audit or any other tax situation, contact the Tax Law Offices of David W. Klasing.

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