Punta Pacifica Realty Launches Panama Real Estate Market Insights

A new video series created by Punta Pacifica Realty (PPR), the top real estate and property management firm in Panama, explores the latest news, analysis and investment opportunities in the Panama property market.

Panama Real Estate Market Insights will feature wide-ranging discussions with PPR leaders, who represent decades of experience working with international real estate investors in Panama City. Hosted by PPR broker and spokesperson Ana Patricia Hassan, the segments will target savvy investors, the global retirement community and everyone interested in buying or selling real estate in Panama.

“We’re always looking for better ways to communicate with our loyal clients,” said PPR President Duncan McGowan, who has worked in Panama for 15 years. “This video is a way for people to learn more about the property market and get to know us better.”

Each segment of Panama Real Estate Market Insights will offer perspectives on the latest market trends, tips on how to find the best deals in Panama City and details on available properties. In a casual setting, PPR’s experts will answer several specific questions in each video, addressing many of the key issues around buying property in Panama.

“As the pandemic eases and the market returns, there will be real opportunities for buyers familiar with the market,” said PPR managing director Jeff Barton. “But we’ve seen this cycle before and we know many of those deals won’t last for long.”

The first segments of the new video series focus on the fundamental forces shaping the current market, as well as the basic reasons Panama is considered such an attractive market for investors. McGowan also offers insights on evaluating property in the current market and explains why there is about to be a big shift in the supply and demand dynamics of the market, which will likely have a dramatic impact on prices in the years ahead.

Despite the pandemic, PPR has been able to generate steady sales in the last six months, using digital technology and remote services to connect clients with sellers. Many of the buyers were taking advantage of unprecedented deals, which haven’t been seen since the global economic crisis in 2009. But as Panama starts to reopen, many of those deals will likely disappear, McGowan says.

“The pandemic has changed everything and we know people have a lot of questions,” McGowan said. “The Panama Real Estate Market Insights series is one way for us to answer some of those questions.”

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