Producers of Rival Gang Documentaries End Legal Battle

Jointly released by Through the Glass Productions and Omelet LLC.

Producer Nikki Hevesy's company, Through the Glass Productions, Omelet LLC, and ex-gang member Alfred Lomas have resolved the legal claims asserted between them pertaining to their respective film projects highlighting efforts in Los Angeles to reduce gang violence. Both companies' projects focused on gang intervention and violence reduction work featuring the activities of certain ex-gang members and other community groups.

Omelet filed a lawsuit against Through the Glass Productions claiming copyright infringement. Through the Glass Productions filed a cross-complaint for copyright infringement on their documentary and other matters against Omelet, as well as a third-party complaint against Alfred Lomas.

Through the Glass and Omelet’s claims against the other caused an inability to complete or distribute their work. Months of litigation between the parties culminated in a 16-hour mediation resulting in a ceasefire of accusations and complaints. Mr. Lomas life-story rights became the center of the clash and some of the comments previously filed with the courts and published in a subsequent Variety article(1) were said to be lacking in factual veracity. Rather than continue a fight in court, the parties resolved their dispute by mutual agreement and both Hevesy ( A Violence Disrupted ) and Omelet ( License to Operate ) are each now free to proceed with their respective projects.

Hevesy notes, "Metaphorically speaking, they were sold a car I already had the title to, despite challenges in dealing with any particular individual, the stories should be told. The people involved in gang prevention and intervention work in Los Angeles are all striving to raise awareness, save lives, bring people out of the gang culture, and put an end to the cycle of gang violence and endless retaliations."

Don Kurz, CEO of Omelet and executive producer of License to Operate, says, "Our country needs these inspirational stories during polarizing times and these films should foster hope and dialogue among citizens from across the political spectrum.”

Ms. Hevesy regrets that the above referenced article concerning the Omelet complaint was harmful to her reputation and did not accurately reflect Ms. Hevesy or Through the Glass’ position at that time.

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Through the Glass Productions is an emerging entertainment company committed to visionary work on the cutting edge of theater, film and television that entertains, inspires and enlightens the human spirit while exploring the human condition. Current co-production partners on TV docu-series include Cabana 512 and GRB Entertainment. Owner, Nikki Hevesy is an award winning director -producer who has used her projects to advocate for social justice issues and has worked volunteering with the City of LA, Mayor's GRYD program, Ceasefire and other inner-city humanitarian programs.

Omelet LLC is an independent boutique creative agency founded in 2004 in Culver City, CA that works with progressive partners, including AT&T, Nickelodeon, Pokemon, and Walmart. In addition, Omelet original production unit produces original long and short form content for brands, as well as for its own distribution.

1 Gene Maddaus; Rival Documentary Crews in Beef Over Gang Member’s Life Rights; VARIETY, MARCH 10, 2017

Federal Court Case 2:17-cv-01872-JVZ-FFM, filed 3/8/17; Counterclaim, Document 21, filed 6/2/17

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