PositiveSingles Call for Mutual Defend Against Online Dating Crime

Major dating sites can engage more in sexual harassment and violence preventing. We are of many experiences in preventing STD transmission through herpes dating

"Recent public statistics show some 29 percent of respondents had concerns about their safety. This is due to persons sending unsolicited and inappropriate pictures or being contacted by someone in a way that made them uncomfortable," noted the public relation manager from PositiveSingles.com. While crimes linked to online dating including rape and blackmail and have more than DOUBLED in three years, recent statistics have shown positive dating experience has risen to a whopping 80%.

"This means that more and more online dating members are meeting someone more frequently," said the public relations manager of PositiveSingles.

"With regards to what these members are looking for when using dating websites or apps," added the manager, "we have seen about a quarter of them coming forward and admitting that ‘sexual relationship’ is one of the main reasons. Meanwhile, about 29% of the US users have concerns about their safety when using online dating websites or apps."

Regarding text or contact harassment, more than 34% of the users have received messages that made them feel "uncomfortable," while 31% had to block or report someone they have contacted in the online dating app or website, the source said.

"And lying about something is more frequent," pointed out the manager. "As a result, there have been numerous voices out there demanding that online dating sites put up a stricter method."

However, PositiveSingles has always been active in preventing crime from happening among its members and have been making a continuous effort in preventing STD infection. The PositiveSingles team have also published and have posted guidelines on their herpes dating site informing its users to be hyper-vigilant in their screening of others’ background before meeting in person.

“Therefore, we are calling on all major online dating sites to join us in the fight against sexual harassment and violence in its many forms,” noted the PositiveSingles manager.

PositiveSingles is currently preparing a comprehensive set of guidelines and tips that will adequately address the needs and concerns of herpes single people and the newly diagnosed people. The aim is to help them return to good health, as they continue to seek love again.

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