Pond Lehocky Discuss the State of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation in The Legal Intelligencer Article

In the latest article for The Legal Intelligencer, “The Grand Bargain Becomes the Grand Betrayal,” Managing Partner Sam Pond and Attorney Maureen “Morty” Cassidy explain the history of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act and its ongoing erosion. One of the greatest political compromises in history, the Grand Bargain exchanged the constitutional right of an injured worker to sue their employer for the guarantee of workers' compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical treatment. Today, that certainty and the humanitarian foundation of the Act itself are under constant attack across America.

“Changes in policy are making it harder for workers to receive the benefits they deserve. American citizens have all given up the right to sue employers in the event of an injury or death, but it has not made anything more certain,” Partner Pond and Associate Cassidy explain. “A trade was made, a bargain struck and it must be kept or abandoned altogether, but a farce and shell of a system cannot be allowed.”

Partner Pond and Associate Cassidy explain in detail how a long line of alleged “reforms” to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, most recently represented by House Bill 18, seek to remove the rights of injured workers and deny them adequate medical care, turning the Grand Bargain into a Grand Betrayal.

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