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Berks County Web Design Firm Offers 3 Web Design and Marketing Packages to Grow Your Business

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3 New Marketing & Web Design Plans to Grow Your Business

Our new offerings provide a roadmap for success, and allow businesses to evolve from one plan to the next based on their goals and budget.

Three new marketing and web design plans have been announced by Power Marketing International, LLC, a web design and marketing firm serving the greater Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and Berks County region. Dubbed Web Pro, Online Marketer, and Social Media Master, the three digital offerings combine an array of features and functionality designed to create and promote a highly effective online presence for small and mid-sized businesses.

A Roadmap for Success

“We realized that many small and mid-sized businesses lack a coherent online strategy to level the playing field and compete with their larger rivals. Our new offerings provide a roadmap for success, and allow businesses to evolve from one plan to the next based on their goals and budget,” said Alan Robezzoli, president and founder. “Each plan provides a focused scope and strategy. As their business grows, our clients can progress from one plan to the next, or they can mix and match elements to create a custom plan,” he added.

Web Pro, Online Marketer, and Social Media Master Packages

According to PMI, a great website can be the foundation of an effective online strategy. Therefore, their introductory plan, dubbed “Web Pro” includes a robust website built upon a foundation that includes detailed keyword research, competitor website analysis, and first-rate branding and messaging. Based on that foundation, PMI develops a website featuring thorough search engine optimization (SEO), exquisite graphics, persuasive messaging, and sophisticated features. This combination is designed to convey professionalism, establish trust, and clearly communicate their client's value proposition.

The “Online Marketer” plan goes the next step by adding monthly SEO improvements, online advertising campaigns, and email marketing campaigns designed to increase sales and rapidly expand an organization’s customer base.

Finally, the “Social Media Master” plan expands upon the above offerings by adding a complete “Social Media Marketing and Local SEO Boosting System”, complete with a custom dashboard enabling PMI’s clients to gain social media reviews, manage their social media interactions, and track and improve their local SEO results on an ongoing basis.

For more information on all three plans, visit the Internet Marketing page of their website at

About Power Marketing International
Power Marketing International, LLC is a Berks County web design and internet marketing firm specializing in developing complete online marketing systems for small and mid-sized businesses in the greater Berks County, Philadelphia, and Lehigh Valley area. Their mission is to help their clients get found online, make a strong impression, engage their leads, and convert them to repeat customers. Find them at

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