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Top tax resolution company Platinum Tax Defenders is thrilled to report a year-over-year revenue increase of 63 percent compared to the same month in 2018. This revenue increase marks the largest in the company's more than 18-year history and is due in part to Platinum Tax Defenders' recent acquisition by Cardiff Lexington Corp (CDIX).

This announcement regarding Platinum Tax Defenders' revenue increase comes on the heels of Platinum's recent expansion with the opening of additional offices in Long Beach, CA, and Pompano Beach, FL. Since the opening of its first office in Simi Valley, CA in 2001, Platinum Tax Defenders has continued to provide services to taxpayers ranging from those owing the IRS more than $100,000, to the under-served taxpayer owing less than $10,000. This unique business model has enabled Platinum Tax Defenders to experience tremendous growth and the latest revenue increase.

Platinum Tax Defenders offers a wide variety of tax resolution, bookkeeping, currently not collectable and tax preparation services for individuals and businesses that are dealing with back taxes or are having issues paying off their current tax bill. The reported revenue increase is evidence of Platinum Tax Defenders' continued commitment to helping taxpayers get out of tax debt, for good.

The experienced team at Platinum Tax Defenders comprises certified public accountants, enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and IRS tax attorneys. Collectively, the team has decades of experience. To date, Platinum Tax Defenders has saved its clients over $1 million in tax debt. The Platinum team has had success reducing clients' debts from over $100,000 to just $100 in many cases. Most recently, the Platinum team successfully reduced one client's tax debt from $146,996 to only $100 through the successful negotiation of an Offer in Compromise deal with the IRS.

Through a variety of tax resolution services for individuals and businesses alike, Platinum Tax Defenders' tax relief process can take as little as nine months to bring a client to a debt-free status. Among the services Platinum Tax Defenders offers are back taxes settlement, tax attorney representation, bank levy releases, Offer in Compromise, payment plans, IRS audit representation, Revenue Officer assistance, IRS tax liens, amending tax returns, bookkeeping services, and tax preparation for businesses and individuals.

Platinum Tax Defenders continues to be at the forefront of service offered to taxpayers seeking resolution from their IRS debts. The team at Platinum Tax Defenders understands that every taxpayer is different, and that's how they run their business. As part of their practice, Platinum Tax Defenders does not begin work on a tax resolution case until they have the opportunity to thoroughly investigate a client's case.
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About Platinum Tax Defenders
Platinum Tax Defenders, a subsidiary of Cardiff Lexington Corporation, (Cardiff Lexington Corp (CDIX) ) has been helping individuals navigate their tax situations with the IRS since 2011. The top-rated tax firm's tax resolution services have saved thousands of clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax debt. The expert team at Platinum Tax Defenders has experience working with entrepreneurs, individuals, and small businesses alike. Platinum Tax Defenders ( is a forward-thinking leader in the tax resolution industry. The expert tax relief team works with taxpayers who are struggling with small to large tax debts. Top Tax Defenders offers a wide variety of tax resolution, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services for individuals and businesses.

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