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Risk of being charged for DUI is particularly the case from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day following parties and family celebrations. Even though locals are well aware of the task force patrols that will be setting up DUI checkpoints throughout the valley on holiday weekends, they still drink and drive and face arrest. Around New Year's weekend, drivers should be extra mindful of all the consequences of drinking and driving. The chances of getting caught in the act are especially high on this greatest celebrating weekend of the year (for many people).

For those who face arrest in Phoenix and around Arizona, the subsequent prosecution and punishment for DUI prove to be some of the stiffest in the entire country. According to Phoenix DUI Lawyer and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, David Michael Cantor of DM Cantor, convictions for Driving Under the Influence can have significant consequences. Penalties include enormous fines, actual jail time, ignition interlock devices, and suspension or even permanent loss of driver's licenses.


According to the New Times in Phoenix, below is the list of saturation patrol locations and where DUI checkpoints in East Valley, West Valley and Pinal county potentially could be:

** EAST VALLEY DUI TASK FORCE - Saturation Patrol (6 p.m. - 4 a.m.)

  • 11/23 - 75 East Civic Center Drive, Gilbert
  • 11/24 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • 12/05 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • 12/06 - 250 East Chicago Street, Chandler
  • 12/07 - 1340 East University Drive, Tempe
  • 12/08 - 7555 North Pima Road, Scottsdale
  • 12/12 - 75 East Civic Center Drive, Gilbert
  • 12/13 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • 12/14 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • 12/15 - 1340 East University Drive, Tempe
  • 12/19 - 2802 West Devonshire Avenue, Phoenix
  • 12/20 - 7555 North Pima Road, Scottsdale
  • 12/21 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • 12/22 - 2330 West Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa
  • 12/23 - 1340 East University Drive, Tempe
  • 12/26 - 2330 West Rio Salado Parkway, Mesa
  • 12/27 - 2802 West Devonshire Ave, Phoenix
  • 12/28 - 250 East Chicago Street, Chandler
  • 12/29 - 75 East Civic Center Drive, Gilbert
  • 12/30 - 1340 East University Drive, Tempe
  • 12/31 - 7601 East McKellips, Scottsdale
  • *12/27 East & West Valley Joint Efforts

** WEST VALLEY DUI TASK FORCE - Saturation Patrol (7 p.m. - 4 a.m.)

  • 11/24 - 8351 West Cinnabar Avenue, Peoria
  • 12/01 - 16809 North Bullard, Surprise
  • 12/08 - 11550 West Glendale, Glendale
  • 12/14 - *DPS/ASU 4701 West Thunderbird
  • 12/15 - 12401 West Cinnabar, El Mirage

-12/22 - 21699 West Yuma, Buckeye

  • 12/27 - 2802 East Devonshire, Phoenix
  • 12/31 - *DPS/ASU 4701 W. Thunderbird
  • *12/27 East & West Valley Joint Efforts

** PINAL COUNTY DUI TASK FORCE - Saturation Patrol (7 p.m. – 3 a.m.)

  • 11/23-11/24 - Apache Junction - 2525 South Ironwood Drive
  • 11/29-12/1 - San Tan Valley - 1725 West Hunt Highway
  • 12/6 and 12/28 - Casa Grande - 1436 East Florence Boulevard
  • 12/07 - Casa Grande - 512 South 11 Mile Corner Road
  • 12/13-12/15 - San Tan Valley - 1725 West Hunt Highway
  • 12/20-12/22 - Apache Junction - 2525 South Ironwood Drive
  • 12/27-12/29 - Casa Grande - 1436 East Florence Boulevard
  • 12/31 - Casa Grande City Hall - 510 East Florence Boulevard

*Informational purposes only. Dates and locations may change at any time.

** How did the Phoenix DUI Task Force Patrol Last New Year's?

New Year's weekend in 2017/2018 is a good case study to look at to understand how serious the police forces of Phoenix, in particular, are in preventing drunk driving accidents and fatalities. The Arizona Governor's Office for Highway Safety engaged in this final Phoenix DUI task force deployment of the year starting on Thursday night. It continued all weekend long. This was merely an extension of the police department policy of deploying its DUI task forces throughout the Valley beginning in Thanksgiving and through the conclusion of "the holidays" with New Years' weekend.

The Phoenix DUI task force patrols for New Year's 2017/2018 included agencies from twenty police entities. They came from both West and East Valleys to cover the greater metro Phoenix area. Around 150 individual police officers patrolled all of the Valley area highways. Police departments that participated were from all of the following County Sheriff's Offices:

  • Mesa
  • Scottsdale
  • Salt River
  • Maricopa
  • Wickenburg

Between the law enforcement agencies mentioned above, they covered Loops 101, 202, and also 303. In addition to this, the task forces also established a DUI checkpoint for Pima County. It was a thorough task force deployment that involved many arrests.

During New Year's Eve, the DUI task force for East Valley patrolled starting in Scottsdale all the way to the San Tan Valley region. At the same time, officers were patrolling the roads of the West Valley area. This covered Avondale, Tolleson, Goodyear, and Peoria. It is likely that the area police will again organize a similarly strict area patrol regimen for the upcoming New Year's Eve holiday weekend 2018.

During the 2017 Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, there were a total of 377 DUI arrests across Arizona alone. Traffic stops increased from 12,168 the previous year to 13,216 in total.

In an earlier press conference, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams commented, "We're working together in partnership so that every single person that decides to traverse the highways and roadways in Arizona can do so safely, and those who make the obvious choice not to, we're able to take action and apprehend them to keep you, our community, safe."

** Important Things to Remember Regarding DUI Investigations and Arrests

Now that you know the allied police forces will be out in mass over the year-end holidays, you should keep a few things in mind in case you are stopped and investigated for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (or drugs):

1.    You do not have to be driving for the police to arrest you on DUI charges - this is thanks to Arizona laws. They outlaw even being in "actual physical control" (see: “what is actual physical control” video) of your car if you are even slightly impaired with alcohol, drugs, or both. The threshold for physical control includes sitting in the driver's seat, even while parked. If the headlights are on, the engine is running, or the keys are in the ignition, this constitutes intent to operate your motor vehicle. It only needs a single or two drinks to be arrested for a DUI.

2.    If your breathalyzer or blood test comes back at higher than .08 percent BAC, this is considered a standard DUI. Over .150 percent is an extreme DUI, while .20 percent constitutes a Super Extreme DUI. Arizona statute 28-1381A1 makes it illegal to be in physical control of the car with even the slightest amount of alcohol impairment.

3.    Should you fail a field sobriety test, show even any signs of consuming alcohol in the car, or be in violation of the law in the vehicle, the police can both arrest and prosecute you for a DUI.

4.    If you are caught driving after drinking, beware the field sobriety tests. Those DUI task force officers have at their disposal three separate tests for determining impairment. They are the:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (eye test)
  • One leg stand test
  • Walk and turn test.

The idea behind such tests is to engage you both mentally and physically at the same time to watch for mistakes you may make. The officer will use the results from these tests to decide whether or not to arrest you. Failing such tests because of coordination problems, nervousness, not following directions, or other plausible reasons will not save you from arrest. You should insist on a breathalyzer or blood test if you have not been drinking and get arrested for a DUI.

How the DUI Task Force Checks for Alcoholic Impairment

It is these field sobriety tests the police DUI task forces rely on to make spur of the moment decisions on inebriation. They were promoted initially by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This federal government agency is responsible for decreasing the numbers of injuries and deaths resulting from vehicle crashes. Their other related mandate is to discourage drunk driving.

This organization came up with the field sobriety guidelines used across Arizona and the U.S. today. Scientific studies underlie the guidelines. The NHTSA did not engage in any of the studies directly, but instead sponsors and funds them.

To learn more about information regarding DUI Task Forces in Arizona or if you are looking for more information on what to do if arrested for DUI, visit the DM Cantor website or you can speak with one of their attorneys directly for a free consultation by calling 602-307-0808.