PCALIC, LLC, in Partnership with PCH Mutual Insurance Co., A RRG,…

Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC, in partnership with PCH Mutual Insurance Co., A RRG, is excited to announce a new exciting benefit for PCH Mutual Insured Members – the PCH Loss Impact Hotline. The hotline provides members with immediate access to free and confidential legal advice, while keeping their information private at the same time.

The PCH Loss Impact Hotline is a free of charge service. When an adverse event occurs, PCH Mutual insured members can call the central hotline number for their region to consult an attorney practicing in their state. “We hope you’ll use this valuable resource,” states Brian Barrick, CEO of PCALIC, LLC and Founder/Program Manager of PCH Mutual. Julie Bordo, President and General Manager of PCH responds, “It’s just another way PCH stands above our competition.”

What is the PCH Loss Impact Hotline’s Purpose?

The hotline provides PCH Mutual Insured Members access to an attorney that is there to help them address the issues at hand and employ best practices for the benefit of their residents. Some examples of reasons they might call the hotline are:

  • Elopement
  • Incident where a resident is injured
  • One-on-one resident abuse
  • Premises Liability
  • Record Keeping Questions

What are the Benefits?

By being a PCH Mutual Insured Member, this service is free. Any information shared on the call is completely confidential and will not be shared with PCH Mutual, giving members the confidence needed to be completely open about the incident or scenario they are needing help with. The hotline provides answers to questions quickly so that they are better equipped to handle the situation. Plus, since no information is shared with PCH Mutual, members do not need to worry about their insurance premiums increasing as a result of the call.

For more information, visit http://www.pcalic.com.

About PCALIC, LLC: Personal Care & Assisted Living Insurance Center, LLC was founded in 2004 by CEO, Brian Barrick, to provide small and midsized adult residential care facilities with affordable liability insurance to safeguard their business. PCALIC started out as Program Manager, Risk Manager and Marketing Director for PCH Mutual Insurance Co, Inc., a Risk Retention Group (RRG). Brian was one of the founders of PCH Mutual. PCH Mutual was created with the same mission as PCALIC. PCALIC provides insurance for over 1,400 adult residential care facilities across the United states. In addition, PCALIC provides these facilities with the tools needed to help you reduce losses as well as insurance protection designed specifically for adult residential care facilities.

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