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Parchman Law Group is helping business owners resolve differences that could otherwise very seriously harm their companies.

“Business partners, even very well-meaning ones, don’t always agree,” says founder Jon Parchman. “Ones that wish to harm your business or take more than their fair share of it are out there too. This is why appellate court for business disputes exists. Business owners need a firm and fair voice to help them protect their interests.”

Appellate court hears cases that have already gone though a civil trial. Sometimes the unsuccessful party feels the judge made a mistake, or the trial was not fair. In those cases, appealing the decision can sometimes be an option.

“Parchman Law has helped clients with business dissolution, contract disputes, trade secret litigation and much more,” says Parchman.

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About Parchman Law Group

Parchman Law Group specializes in all aspects of family law, including: divorce, child custody, property and asset division, custody modification, and appeals. The firm’s managing partner has appeared on Dr. Phil, and the team well known across The Woodlands and Houston for its expert and diligent attention to each case.

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