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Parchman Law Group is helping clients resolve real estate disputes.

Both appellate court and real estate law are niche fields that require expert representation to navigate. The process of appealing a court decision is very detailed, and the rules of real estate are incredibly varied – so much so that some firms refer clients directly to lawyers like Parchman Law that have experience in these fields.

“We have experience in helping clients with all kinds of real estate controversies,” says founder Jon Parchman. “This includes landlord/tenant disputes, questions on land boundaries (which are very important to resolve before constructing a fence or building), easement and covenant disputes, real estate trusts, challenges to title documents and more.”

Real estate disputes can occur for a number of reasons, such as: a divorce, a landlord/tenant fallout, or improperly measured or recently re-zoned property.

“Since real estate is so prevalent in our lives, be it a property that has been in the family for years or a husband and wife divorcing and trying to retain their fair share, these disputes can become quite emotional. The Parchman Law team is adept at managing such cases and being empathetic to the emotions that arise, while never losing sight of the end goal for our clients. We are firm, but fair,” says Parchman.

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Parchman Law Group specializes in all aspects of family law, including: divorce, child custody, property and asset division, custody modification, and appeals. The firm’s managing partner has appeared on Dr. Phil, and the team well known across The Woodlands and Houston for its expert and diligent attention to each case.

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