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Parchman Law Group is helping property owners appeal real estate disputes.

“Nobody is perfect,” says founder Jon Parchman. “There are times when a decision regarding a real estate dispute was made without a complete set of evidence, or was made in haste. Property is expensive and can also be sentimental if it is an inheritance. Therefore, it is very important to ensure all property disputes are resolved as fairly as possible. This is why Parchman Law Group represents clients in appellate court, should their real estate case warrant further action.”

Parchman Law Group takes a close look at real estate cases and provides their client with an opinion on whether or not the issue should be pursued further with an appeal. If so, Parchman’s years of experience and firm but fair manner helps clients through the next phase of their case. These property cases range from inheritance disputes to land encroachment, trespassing, easements, covenants, and more.

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Parchman Law Group offers services for family and business law. The firm’s managing partner has appeared on Dr. Phil, and the team is well known across The Woodlands and Houston for its expert and diligent attention to each case.

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