Outside the Opioid Epidemic, The Future is Here

There are choices outside of Opioid use and I took it upon myself to expand on some traditional methods of pain relief to the next level. We must create and evolve from the status quo.

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The opioid epidemic has seen countless lives lost or destroyed across the nation for many years and the numbers are increasing by the year. Many authorities across the nation have tried implementing new ideas and systems to reduce the use of opioids and it has reached such a crisis point that even the President is calling for change. Ironically, Pasco County, Florida based Baywest Health & Rehab has been offering that alternative for close to 18 years, with several pain relieving treatments offered that get patients out of pain.

While there is a time and place for opioids to assist with pain relief, there are plenty of other alternatives that can be explored before ever getting to that point. Chiropractic care, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, acupuncture are all alternative means of treatment to help with joint and back pain for example. These conservative treatments are very safe, offer little to no contraindications and of course there are no side effects from treatment.

Baywest Health & Rehab has been at the forefront for many years by offering many of these alternative therapies and consequently seeing their patient base with greatly reduced pain levels or even no pain at all.

Just recently, the clinic has greatly improved two of its services within the chiropractic and cold laser therapy fields. In late 2016, they trademarked their ManipuflexTM procedure. This is a cervical procedure designed to decompress the joints in the upper neck, ultimately promoting pain relief. This process has helped numerous people to find relief to neck pain and has a significant impact in patients who suffer with headaches.

The second procedure they have improved on has in fact become a company in its own right. Baywest has been using cold laser therapy for several years, and in that time have developed unique yet simple protocols which can be applied to their patients depending on many factors including age, skin type, type of pain, amount of pain and much more. This information is fed into a software system which calculates appropriate settings to be applied to the cold laser equipment and then used on the patient. The beauty in this revolutionary software is the ability it will have in collecting real-time data and solidifying documented patient reported outcomes.

The company formed from this, Cold Laser ProtocolsTM will soon be selling this software and associated protocols to doctors worldwide.

Baywest and Cold Laser ProtocolsTM owner, Dr Scott Coletti DC says, “There are choices outside of opioid use and I took it upon myself to expand on some traditional methods of pain relief to the next level. We must create and evolve from the status quo.”

About the author

Dr Scott Coletti DC is a doctor of chiropractic and has been practicing at his clinic, Baywest Health & Rehab in New Port Richey, Florida for over 16 years. He treats people experiencing all kinds of joint pain, using techniques such as cold laser therapy and his newly trademark ManipuflexTM procedure. You can visit his main clinic website http://www.baywesthealth.com to learn more, and their new company, Cold Laser Protocols(TM).

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