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Know why the IRS accepts—or rejects— an OIC and be better equipped to come out on the winning end.

Eli Financial, a division of audio conference and corporate education leader ProEdTech, will host the live webinar “Offer-in-Compromise: Give Your Clients the Best Chance at Success with the IRS” with industry veteran Eric Green on Thursday, June 7, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET.

Securing an Offer in Compromise (OIC) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be an uphill battle, because the conditions to qualify are extremely strict. Every year, tens of thousands of OICs are filed, but fewer than 45% are accepted. To authorize an OIC, the IRS requires certain critical conditions. That’s why clients seek help from tax professionals to help lower their back-tax bill.

Get prepared to give clients the best chance at a favorable IRS evaluation. Join Eric Green as he guides tax professionals, CPAs and enrolled agents, and finance and accounting professionals through the OIC filing and evaluation process. Green will cover the various forms of OICs, explain how to properly calculate client’s Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP), and reveal strategies to give clients the best shot at settling their tax debts. Using a real-world case study as an example, Green will explain exactly how the IRS assesses the OICs it receives—and how the agency calculates RCP.

The session will help finance and accounting professionals dealing with tax issues to understand:

  •     How the OIC program works
  •     Which of the various types of Offers to use
  •     Why tax compliance is so critical when considering an OIC
  •     How the IRS calculates Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP)
  •     What the role of IRS allowable expenses is
  •     How to maximize chances of settling back-tax debt
  •     What critical OIC-process steps to follow—as illustrated by the “Joe & Mary case study”

For more information and to register, visit:

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