New Port Richey Chiropractor Unleashes the Power of Light to Heal…

All pain comes from inflammation... cold laser therapy helps reduce that by helping to regenerate the tissue and get the inflammation down. Reduced inflammation means reduced pain."

Cold laser therapy has been around for almost 5 decades and has thousands of medical papers written on it. It hasn’t, until very recently, had the success rates that it has always promised, but Dr Scott Coletti DC of Baywest Health & Rehab in New Port Richey has been getting tremendous results for patients using the technology.

Cold laser therapy deals with the power of a low light laser that interacts with cellular function. By adjusting the wavelengths from the equipment, it is possible to change the cells which help amplify the healing process. It is extremely advantageous over more mainstream forms of treatment. For a start there is no medication involved. Secondly, it is totally non invasive. Thirdly, there are little to no contraindications.

Its applications are huge, but in the pain industry, it can be narrowed down to helping with joint pain and conditions such as arthritis in the back, neck and extremities of the body like the knee, hands, elbows, hips and feet.

Dr Coletti and his team also have developed hundreds of protocols and created a software package to house this huge database. He is able to input data based on the patient’s pain levels, age, skin type and condition, and the software then calculates an appropriate treatment plan including the optimum settings for the cold laser equipment.

Using these protocols they have consistently seen, while treating patients, a very high success rate, in excess of 85%.

As such, the ease of use of the protocols within his own practice has led him to form a new company, Cold Laser Protocols®, where they will be made available to doctors across the globe on a monthly subscription basis.

Although cold laser therapy is not in mainstream medicine as yet, with the impact of the current opioid crisis nationally, it is surely just a matter of time before the therapy is considered a viable alternative. Having standardized protocols like this will only surely help the case for cold laser therapy to be considered mainstream.

Baywest Health & Rehab along with Cold Laser Protocols® intend to remain on the forefront of medical treatment for many years to come and offer patients and alternative to regular medicines or surgeries.

You can read more about how he helps patients using cold laser therapy here.

About the author
Dr Scott Coletti DC is a doctor of chiropractic and has been practicing at his clinic, Baywest Health & Rehab in New Port Richey, Florida for over 18 years. He treats pain patients across the board using chiropractic treatments, cold laser therapy (using his Cold Laser Protocols) and also auto accident victims. You can visit his main clinic website to learn more.

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