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The problem...most lenders don't work nights and weekends.

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That’s the reaction most lenders have when they see for the first time. They can’t believe that something so obvious, that has also been such a problem, has not been addressed in the residential mortgage lending business before!

Two California real estate brokers, John Brannan and John Yonan, were frustrated with how long it took to get a pre-approval letter from lenders. John Brannan explains. “I have written offers during many evenings and especially on weekends. It’s always important to have every offer be accompanied by a lender pre-approval letter that matches the terms of the offer with the property address and purchase price. The problem is that most lenders don’t work nights and weekends.”

The two brokers discussed their frustrations. They thought it would be great if lenders could provide an online, 24-hour, 365 days per year, web application service that provides on-demand, lender qualified and accurate buyer pre-approval letters. They further conceived that it would be even better if the buyer or agent could make changes to the letter’s purchase price, address and other terms within limits set by the lender.

The pair knew that some lenders send out pre-approval letters as email attachments allowing the agent to make changes. Others post letters up on cloud based storage sites awaiting download by the agent. Both methods allow the agents to make changes independently of the lender. Both methods, however, require a high level of trust to avoid mistakes or fraud.

The Patent Pending LenderLetter system avoids mistakes and eliminates the possibility of fraud by placing complete control of the many variables that may be included in pre-approval letters with the lender. Variables may include price, property address, property type, loan type, interest rate, verified items and conditions. All of these are fully controlled by the lender using LenderLetter and, only if the lender allows it, the agent or buyer may make changes to these specific variables. The most common agent and buyer changes are the price and the property address.

Buyers are pleased that their agents are able to react quickly and submit fully qualified offers. Agents are pleased that they have a competitive advantage that allows them to submit offers at any time and with the credibility of an attached customized lender pre-approval letter. Finally, lenders are pleased that they no longer have to draft time-consuming pre-approval letters and they can service their clients at all times and in a secure way. has experienced unprecedented growth since launching. John Yonan has assured all subscribers that they are keeping up with demand by expanding their technology base of application systems. “We monitor our servers 24 hours a day. Having this much growth in such a short period of time is a nice problem to have. We anticipated this and are able to adapt quickly.”

LenderLetter, LLC, the operating company of, is working with numerous complimentary companies creating business partnerships. If you would like to take advantage of this innovation, simply visit their website where you will find videos that explain how their system works and information where to contact a representative with questions.

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