New Dark Web Security Vulnerability Tool from Breach Secure Now! Lets MSPs Arm Clients in Fight Against Cyberattacks Caused by Employee Error

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MSPs are strong on finding technology vulnerabilities on the network but they don’t always apply that same rigor to employees. With DWBA, MSPs can provide clients with analytics that show where employees are putting the company at great risk.

With today’s release of its Dark Web Breach Assessment (DWBA) service, Breach Secure Now! (BSN) makes it possible for MSPs to strengthen their clients’ defenses against cybercriminals who exploit human errors to steal vital financial data or freeze computer systems with ransomware demands.

With the new DWBA service, MSPs can scan the dark web to identify which employees’ emails have been compromised due to a cyberattack, and are most likely to be a cybercriminal’s next target. These employees could unwittingly let hackers drain business bank accounts and cause other damage. Essentially, this tool offers MSPs new opportunities for helping their clients tighten cyber-security in ways that go beyond standard technological remedies.

“MSPs are strong on finding technological vulnerabilities on the network and fixing them,” said Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now! “But they don’t always apply that same approach to employee vulnerabilities. With a DWBA scan, MSPs can now provide their clients with analytics that show where employees are exposing them to hackers as well as the overall risk level of the company.

“Too many companies do not recognize that even tech-savvy employees can cause data breaches. With our new DWBA service, MSPs boost their value to clients by alerting them to this blind spot and offering ongoing employee training, which is essential to doing business safely in cyberspace today.”

By signing up for the DWBA, MSPs gain the capability to search the bowels of the Internet for their clients and find all employee emails associated with particular domains that have been part of a larger breach. For instance, if a staff member’s email was involved in a Dropbox, LinkedIn or Adobe breach, the DWBA scan identifies those employees as well as the information hackers have on them. Once cybercriminals steal employees' email (or physical) addresses and passwords, they can lure workers into phishing scams that open the door to a company’s network, making it vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Hackers also take advantage of employees who may use the same password to access company bank accounts for transactions as they do to check resumes on LinkedIn for hiring employees – which leaves key financial information vulnerable to cyber theft. And after a breach, cybercriminals can use cracker programs to “seed” a dictionary that generates similar passwords which can give them even greater access to a company’s computer network.

The scan of the dark web gives MSPs concrete data to bolster the case for ongoing employee training. In addition to arming employees with tools for developing stronger passwords this training teaches them a number of best practices for strengthening cybersecurity, including methods for protecting proprietary data stored on mobile devices and for avoiding breach risks when using social media.

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Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a white labeled security service built for MSPs. Breach Secure Now! focuses on a company’s weakest security link, their employees. The service includes employee security awareness training, ongoing weekly micro training videos, simulated phishing email attacks, security policies and security risk assessments.

Breach Secure Now! offers an attractive partner program and lets MSPs set the pricing under their own label. For more information on the Breach Secure Now! partner program visit

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