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Knowing who has an arrest record and criminal past can help to keep people and their families a little bit safer

Lawyers Get Clients Today leftside has just released a new online arrest record search tool where users can lookup who has been arrested, and why. Arrest records include all criminal charges against an individual, as well as any charges of suspected criminal activity, including arrest warrants, outstanding traffic tickets, court records and incarcerations. Where criminal records include only cases where the crime has been proven, arrest records include cases where a misdemeanor has been suspected.

There may be a number of reasons to search for the arrest record of an individual. Those reasons may involve finding out the criminal past of an employee; partnering with someone in a professional context; meeting a new acquaintance or romantic interest; or researching the history of a neighbor, family member, or anyone else in question. Or, someone may be interested in locating and reviewing a personal arrest record to see what remains, and to determine if further action needs to be taken to resolve the offense.

It should be relatively simple to locate a person’s arrest record, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. While arrest records are public records and remain theoretically visible and accessible for all U.S. citizens, locating an arrest record may involve a longer administrative process. In order to locate an arrest record, a person may need to go to the county clerk’s office, make a request from the state, or hire a private investigator or attorney. In any of these cases, additional information may be required, such as a person’s residential history.

Fortunately, it is also possible to use a third-party search site to find arrest records quickly and easily. SearchQuarry’s New Arrest Record Tool provides a simple platform that can be used to locate and review anyone’s arrest record online. It’s anonymous, confidential, and can be used on a mobile phone to retrieve arrest records on-the-go. Users must simply provide a person’s first name, last name, and state of residence in order to identify the person in question.

SearchQuarry’s New Arrest Record Tool provides this valuable knowledge, giving users critical information needed to clear personal arrest records or review the arrests of potential friends, business partners, employees, romantic partners, and more. Ultimately, it can also help users identify potentially dangerous people and stay safe by being informed.

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