NeuroSpa Expands TMS Therapy Center to Second Tampa Location

“There is still a lot of stigma around mental illness. That’s one of the things we focus on, trying to provide TMS in a spa-like atmosphere”

Those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders will have a groundbreaking alternative to prescription medication, when NeuroSpa TMS opens the doors to their state-of-the-art mental health spa in the Westshore business district on January 7th.

The NeuroSpa team uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to restore the underactive area of the brain in those suffering from mental health disorders, which affect 1 in 5 U.S. adults in any given year. Most adults with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are poorly served by common medications, which decline in effectiveness each time a new drug is introduced. TMS treats depression at the source and is proven highly effective, without systemic side effects generally experienced with traditional medications. The treatment is covered by most major insurance plans.

The company’s second, flagship location, located on the ground floor of One Urban Centre, next to the Westshore Grande hotel, houses three treatment rooms. A VIP door provides access for patients receiving treatment who prefer privacy, due to the sensitive nature of mental health treatment.

“There is still a lot of stigma around mental illness. That’s one of the things we focus on, trying to provide TMS in a spa-like atmosphere,” explains Dr. W. Nate Upshaw, M.D., Medical Director. “When you walk into our center, you don’t feel like you’re visiting a psychiatrist office. Our patients look forward to coming in every day for a bit of relaxation and to enjoy the unique amenities we offer during treatment.”

Patients can rest assured they are in good hands with Dr. Upshaw, a Board Certified Psychiatrist who has 10 years of experience working with TMS and brain stimulation. Clinical studies have seen over two-thirds of patients achieving response to TMS, but Dr. Upshaw is seeing higher rates.

After operating their pilot location in Citrus Park for just 4 months and seeing the overwhelming demand for pill free depression treatment, Dr. Upshaw reaffirms what he thought back in 2008, when he first started treating with TMS. “This is the future of psychiatry,” he states, “now that TMS is covered by insurance, the time is ripe for this to be a very mainstream treatment for people who are suffering from mental health disorders.”

About NeuroSpa TMS Therapy Centers
NeuroSpa TMS Therapy Centers specialize in TMS, an FDA-cleared therapy used to treat adults 18 and older with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. The therapy centers focus on a stigma-free environment, by offering unique amenities and an upscale aesthetic.

To learn more about NeuroSpa and transcranial magnetic stimulation, visit or call 813-605-1122.
South Tampa Office: 4830 W. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 130 Tampa, FL 33609
Citrus Park Office: 6511 Gunn Highway, Tampa, FL 33625

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