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Monsanto Roundup Cancer

You’re searching for information about Monsanto Roundup cancer cases making their way to court across the US. Your Case Worth offers free resources on the Web that you can revisit anytime you’re looking for news updates and information on cases; you’ll also find that we are strong advocates for victims exposed to Roundup. If you or your spouse suffered harm through exposure to Roundup, we'll add your claim to a class-action lawsuit that will soon be in front of a judge. You may receive substantial compensation for your pain & suffering- like thousands of other victims filing claims against Monsanto.

Should I Sue Monsanto?

Large corporations, like Monsanto, that are run by CEOs with no concern for the welfare of their customers, should be held responsible for the harm they’ve caused. At your Case Worth, we believe it’s essential that every single victim of Roundup exposure should make sure their voice is heard, whether through a personal lawsuit or a class-action suit. Forcing Monsanto to pay for their blatant disregard for your health and well-being may result in significant compensation in a court of law.

What is the Link Between Monsanto, Roundup, & Cancer?

It’s been determined by a panel of judges that Monsanto fabricated facts about their product, Roundup, claiming it was a safe product to use around the home or in commercial applications. Had the company actually believed that their product was safe to use, they would have only been found negligent in a court of law, but because they lied to consumers, causing substantial and unnecessary pain & suffering, the federal justice system has ruled Monsanto’s actions were of a criminal nature. Roundup was found to cause cancer and other serious medical illnesses that could have been avoided if Monsanto had removed Roundup from stores.

What’s Your Case Worth?

Our team of justice advocates will assess your claim and help you file your case with other similar cases being added to a class-action lawsuit. The advantage of filing en masse is that you won’t have to provide as much detailed information regarding your situation, and your case will move through the system faster. If a judge rules in favor of your lawsuit, you’ll claim a share of the settlement without having to pay a lawyer the high fees associated with an individual suit.

Stay Informed

You’ll find articles and stories online at Your Case Worth pertaining to Monsanto, Roundup, & cancer lawsuits- and the resources are free to use at any time. Return to our website for updates and news stories that will keep you up-to-date on cases being seen across the country. You can submit your claim to us using the ‘Contact’ link on our homepage- but don’t wait. There’s a limited time available to take action before Monsanto’s massive financial holdings become depleted through paying out on claims. Experts recommend striking while the iron is hot for the best possible outcome for your Roundup case.

Monsanto Roundup Cancer