MoginRubin Among Most Influential U.S. Antitrust Law Firms

National law firm MoginRubin LLP (“MoginRubin”), lead counsel in two of the largest antitrust cases that settled over the past five years, has been recognized as one of the leading law firms for antitrust matters in the U.S. by Huntington Bank and the University of San Francisco School of Law in their joint inaugural 2018 Antitrust Annual Report.

The report found that in the five-year period from 2013-2018, more than $19 billion (approx. $3 billion per year on average) was recovered for victims of anti-competitive business behavior. It also discusses the critical role that antitrust class actions have taken in regulating corporate conduct and compensating victims:

“While private enforcers cannot pick up all the slack from lax public enforcement, they provide needed resources. And unlike public enforcers, private enforcers can obtain significant damages…[serving] as a crucial source of deterrence for illegal anti-competitive conduct….”

MoginRubin is found to be among the 25 most active lead counsel for antitrust matters. As an antitrust specialist boutique, the firm is also among the 25 Largest Law Firms as measured by highest aggregate settlements in antitrust litigation.

The firm’s role as co-lead counsel in Kleen Products LLC et al v International Paper et al resulted in a settlement of more than $376 million, the 14th largest settlement in the five-year period between 2013-2018. MoginRubin’s work as co-lead counsel in Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) Antitrust Litigation resulted in a settlement for more than $265 million, good enough for 19th largest in the aforementioned period. Both settlements are included in the “50 Largest Cases with Settlements Reaching Final Approval 2013-2018.”

The Huntington report shines a light on how private antitrust action has grown in light of the decades-long decline of public antitrust enforcement. It further reveals that private cases can be an effective and efficient way to maintain corporate order. Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute notes:

“The data demonstrate that private enforcement works efficiently, often against well-resourced defendants. Private enforcement remains a critical tool in the U.S. enforcement system and can deliver meaningful compensation to victims and deter future illegal conduct.”

Managing partner Dan Mogin noted: “We are proud of our role as key players in helping to keep a level playing field for our corporate clients. The fact that we can do this efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of effectiveness is a win-win for our clients. They need the competitive environment that has always been important for our national economy, and which helps keep American industries as global leaders for innovation. Fair play is what it’s all about – we just want our clients to have a chance to bring to market the goods and services that they do well.”

For recently promoted partner Jennifer Oliver, the report is a vindication of the work she sought when she joined MoginRubin: “I wanted to be part of a firm where I could dig my hands in deep and help my clients on a more interpersonal level. The work we do means a lot to our clients, and we’re pleased to see that we can be as effective as they need us to be – that way, they’re free to do what it is that they’re supposed to do.”

About MoginRubin LLP:
With offices in Washington, D.C. and San Diego, MoginRubin LLP ( concentrates on national, state, and international antitrust and competition litigation, with a significant portion of the practice devoted to antitrust class actions. The firm consults on company mergers and competition policy issues, and crafts comments to government bodies requiring competition analysis.

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Managing Partner

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