Michael Maloney: Your Experienced Independent Candidate for Bold…

"Responsible Progressive Criminal Justice Reform"

Treatment will be expanded to avoid prosecution and incarceration for non-violent drug cases, diversionary programs to include non-violent offenders under the age of 25 will be utilized, a five member panel will be created and charged with re-sentencing inappropriately long addiction sentences stemming from past minimum mandatories, accountability and transparency will be enacted within the local justice system and sensible use of tax dollars will be sought in the battle over the current opioid epidemic under Michael Maloney’s responsible criminal justice reform plan for the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office.

Running as an Independent with ten years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Michael Maloney is a progressive reformer capable of enacting these revolutionary changes.

“I’ve spend over ten years as a defense attorney advocating for treatment over incarceration in our community. I’ve devoted my career to helping countless individuals suffering from addiction and mental health as well as advocating for single-parent families, the LGBTQ community, at risk-youth, homeless, veterans and domestic violence survivors. I’ve worked to expand diversionary programs for juveniles allowing them to avoid a judicial system that would be better utilized on serious crime.”

Michael is keenly aware of the effect the current opioid epidemic has had on the local community. He envisions the Suffolk DA’s office as a partner with the community that will advocate for bail reform and expand diversionary programs that seek treatment over incarceration for those suffering from addiction and mental illness.

“In the past twelve months alone I’ve seen too many people over-dose or die from opioids. I’ve repeatedly seen minorities disproportionately affected by drug crimes. Minorities do not use drugs any more frequently, but are prosecuted at a higher rates. Sentences for minorities tend to be more frequent and extreme in comparison to sentences for the same offense committed by non-minorities. Many of these individuals suffer from addiction and mental illness where treatment and reform would benefit not only the individual, but the community as a whole. Our community cannot simply incarcerate its way out of the current opioid epidemic.

With my plan for responsible criminal justice reform we will help victims become survivors while making sure justice is fair and equitable for all by reasonably prosecuting crime including open drug dealing and shoplifting.”

Here are the main points of Michael’s “RESPONSIBLE CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM” plan:

NON-VIOLENT DRUG OFFENSES: Triage offenders so that addicts and mentally ill receive treatment over incarceration. Treatment will be expanded to avoid prosecution and incarceration for non-violent drug cases.

YOUTH DIVERSONARY PROGRAMS: Right now these programs are only utilized for defendants under the age of 18. All diversionary programs would be expanded to include non-violent offenders under the age of 25. A diversity task force will be established to create opportunities for local youth to connect with the Suffolk DA’s office to avoid becoming victims or defendants.

MINIMUM MANDATORIES: Minimum mandatories for non-violent offenders preclude judges from considering the circumstances surrounding the allegation. Treatment will be sought in-lieu of prosecution for non-violent addiction cases. A five member panel will be created and charged with resentencing arguably inappropriately long addiction sentences stemming from past minimum mandatories. Sheriff Tompkins will be asked to serve as a member.

ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: All prosecutors will participate in mandatory implicit bias training. Out-of-county prosecutors will be utilized to investigate criminal allegations against Suffolk County police. Total transparency on department metrics, e.g., race, gender, and ethnicity of all individuals prosecuted. Increase police body-camera program.

THE OPIOID/ADDICTION EPIDEMIC: Cannabis is an exit drug therefore, testing positive for THC will never result in a probation violation. Alternative justice programs will be utilized to avoid charging defendants whenever possible for non-violent offenses and inclusion of harm reduction zones.

SENSIBLE USE OF TAX DOLLARS: Reallocate money to aggressively pursue violent criminals.

About Michael Maloney

Michael Maloney is an experienced trial attorney who built his career in the Commonwealth. He is originally from Plainville, MA and is a 2006 graduate of New England Law in Boston.

Michael started his legal career as an independent public defense attorney for the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS). Michael worked tirelessly advocating for those who have been victimized by the conditions of poverty, addiction and mental health, growing his criminal justice practice from a single office in Attleboro to offices in Boston and Brockton.

Michael continues to run his successful law firm in Boston and Brockton where he’s licensed to practice law in four states and numerous federal jurisdictions. He has handled hundreds of cases from arraignment through trial including misdemeanors and life-sentences throughout Massachusetts.

Michael has had a successful, multi-faceted career managing many priorities. He helped build a highly respected chain of medical cannabis evaluation facilities from the ground up and sold the 180+ employee company in December 2017. He also owns an alternative wellness company, CBD Thera. Through these businesses Michael has donated time and money to the causes he advocates for including assisting veterans suffering from addiction and mental health issues and expansion of programs to help youth in the community.

Michael manages a large staff for his businesses which include many former addicts who have broken the cycle of addiction through treatment over incarceration. Michael has tremendous respect for these individuals and believes they have added substantial value to his companies’ successes, a model he can replicate across many spectrums as District Attorney for Suffolk County.

As an Independent autonomous of obligations to any political party, Michael is completely committed to the diverse community he serves and knows well. And as counsel for the community, he welcomes the opportunity to re-establish a relationship of credibility and trust where voices in the community that have previously been silenced or overlooked will be heard through public forums and open debates. Mike envisions a shared partnership between the community and the Suffolk DA’s office capable of reducing crime by enacting reasonable prosecutions ultimately advancing community safety, fairness and due process for all.

When Michael isn’t advocating for criminal justice reform across Massachusetts, he enjoys hiking with his best friend, his golden-retriever Yoshi and spending time with his friends and family.

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