Mayfield Settlement Funding Further Improves Lawsuit Funding Process

Mayfield Settlement Funding, a leading pre-settlement funding company in Phoenix Arizona has further improved operations to offer faster approval and funding of litigation financing to clients.

Some changes implemented include improved digital contract verification to speed up the approval process. If there is a need for quick funding, Mayfield has the ability to swiftly get your documents approved by you digitally to speed up the process.

Now Mayfield is offering 24/7 support and customer service for urgent funding requests. Mayfield now accepts telephone calls 24 hours a day, and also has a texting service for questions and applications.

Additionally Mayfield offers digital checks and wire transfers which can be sent nearly immediately upon funding approval. Mayfield regularly funds cases within 24 hours of the initial application. Mayfield still recommends calling first for expedited applications to ensure fast processing.

Lastly, phone call applications immediately are sent to underwriting approval which can now be approved on the first call to Mayfield Settlement Funding.

These pre-settlement funding improvements further assist Mayfield's clients to be satisfied with the quality turnaround they have come to expect from Mayfield Settlement Funding ( ) .

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