Luxury Housing in India – Where is it Headed Price rising or…



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The demand for luxury property in India varies from city to city. The city of Gurugram is no exception too. With the increase in the financing opportunities Indians have today, many try to invest their money in properties, that are expected to increase in their value every few months. This is especially true when one talks about luxury properties. The demand for such properties is also increasing owing to the fact that these are located to the most important work areas of the city. Thus, they have the convenience factor on their side as well. Many people also tend to invest in luxury properties because of the large living space they offer in addition to providing modern luxuries and amenities., one of the leading online solutions dealing in luxury properties in Gurugram and the Delhi NCR region. According to Aapt Dubey of findmyhome the leading real estate Broker about luxury housing market in Gurugram, “Gurugram is one of the most responsive luxury markets we have today in the country. It has a stable demand for luxury housing, both in terms of the people who are looking for a property to reside in or for investment purposes.”

According to Aapt Dubey research in field of real estate of Gurugram, “The demand for luxury housing is very stable, both in terms of investment and residential purposes. This is because investors know that this market is not prone to the negative influences of the economy and recession.” He continued, “The target market for luxury housing is not a common man. In fact, these are people who largely operate using their personal funds and do not have to be dependent on home loans etc.”
Talking about marketing for these luxury properties, the findmyhome management feels, “The advertising for luxury homes is very different from that of normal ones. Luxury home advertising is not done in everyday newspaper or weekly supplements. Rather, you will find the listing of these properties in lifestyle and status magazines and in airport lounges. This is because the target market of these homes is very different from that of the normal homes.”

The future of luxury housing in places like Gurugram is slowly increasing with more instances of wealth creation and the underlying economic efforts it brings. If you are looking for luxury housing in Gurugram, get in touch with Aapt Dubey if looking for update on Indian real estate market. You will find the best luxury properties in Gurgaon listed on the website along with all the details you need to know to make a decision.

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