Los Angeles Heavy Rain May Seem Unusual, But Driving In Wet Weather Is…

Driving safely in the rain is primarily a matter of common sense,

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A February 20 article on NBC Los Angeles Times is reporting that this year’s unusually heavy and frequent rainstorms aren’t quite as unusually heavy or frequent as Angelenos may assume, and do not even break any records. Legal Defenders at the Law Offices of Burg & Brock, a personal injury law firm based in Los Angeles says that drivers who are made tenser by rain should use that tension as a reminder to internalize best practices for driving in wet weather. Storms are a fact of life every year and with weather changing worldwide, extremely wet weather may become more common. Driving in the rain is primarily a matter of common sense.

The legal team urges people to leave earlier to avoid traffic frustration and to take their time on the road. Rain and weather woes certainly aren’t worth an injury to property or personal well-being, the firm adds. The firm also observes that the infrastructure in Los Angeles may be less hardy in the face of heavy rain than less sun-drenched climates. That makes the road system more likely to flood or cause other dangerous circumstances for the city’s motorists, the firm adds. Moreover, whatever time of the year it is, it’s wise for motorists to make sure their tires, windshield wipers, and headlights are in proper order.

It comes down to remembering what is important, counsels Burg & Brock, the safety of drivers and any passengers is in the hands of everyone who gets behind the wheel. Driving defensively and cautiously in these conditions is the only way to make sure that everyone gets where they are going safely. Safety, as well as costs, are on the line. When drivers take their safety on the road for granted, things can snowball very quickly into a bad situation, says the firm.

The Law Offices of Burg & Brock add that, while rain in Los Angeles may be rare compared to other places, it’s really only the summer when heavy rains haven’t often come down and they are never really expected. The firm says that the kind of personal, stormy weather that follows in the wake of a bad accident, will almost certainly last year round.

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