LEE | LAW: CNN-Affiliated Firm in Colorado Expands to 14 Neighborhood…

Linda Lee, Esq.

The Neighborhood Offices will be a way to remove the barrier between attorneys and the community, with resources, information, seminars and workshops designed to help people in the neighborhoods. -Linda Lee, Esq.

Breaking barriers as both a woman and an African-American, Attorney Linda Lee's success in fighting for her clients has provided her with the ability to have her own success- expanding her business to 14 Neighborhood Offices. Her former office was located at 3773 Cherry Creek N. Drive in Denver, but she is moving on up to the top floor at One Cherry Center located at 501 S. Cherry Street, 11th Floor, in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, she has expanded to provide legal services in 13 other locations throughout Colorado via LEE | LAW's Neighborhood Offices in: Aurora (Southlands), Boulder, Broomfield (Interlocken), Downtown Denver, Fort Collins, Golden, Greenwood Village (DTC), Lakewood (Belmar), Littleton, Lone Tree (Park Meadows), Longmont (South Hover), Louisville, and one coming to Colorado Springs soon. Residents in these neighborhoods will benefit as Attorney Lee is using her Neighborhood Offices as Community Resource Centers for Family & Criminal Law. She will be holding seminars, i.e., Know Your Rights, The 411 on Divorce, and much more. Also, she'll provide snacks and drinks for attendees.

LEE | LAW's success undoubtedly reflects the success Attorney Lee has enjoyed in providing legal representation in both Criminal Defense and Family Law. Recently, Attorney Lee won a case where she fought to prove that an officer actually planted drugs on her client. Her hard work paid off because the jury came back with Not Guilty verdicts on all counts, even though the client had a prior drug charge and the drugs were found in the client's car. Attorney Lee's track record in trial is nothing short of impressive, likely due to her start as a prosecutor. Luckily for her Family Law client's, her skills in trial provide her with an advantage in court trials fighting for her clients. Attorney Lee has been so successful in representing clients in divorces, child custody, child support, and other family law matters that she was sought out for a guardianship case in California. Attorney Lee has plans to expand to California next, after recently working out there with an amazing firm.

Attorney Lee's success is well-deserved. Growing up in the inner-city of Pittsburgh (in Beltzhoover), becoming a lawyer was nothing more than a pipe dream. Yet, she turned it into a reality by transcending her environment and now she fights for her clients with such passion and vigor that she is often called a "Pitt Bull in a Dress" or, as she her social media followers know, "Miss Dismiss." Commonly, #missdismiss. She has a very diverse background. She clerked for the Colorado Supreme Court for Justice Eid. She spent time in local Colorado politics as Campaign Manager & Director of Community Outreach for an underdog running for State Senate, Michael Johnston, and they won. She left politics shortly thereafter to open her firm, LEE | LAW. Unsurprisingly, she had immediate and national success. She consistently represented clients in high profile-cases; and, accordingly, became a Legal Analyst for CNN's Headline News Nancy Grace Show and a Legal Commentator for National ABC News' Law & Justice Unit. She is dedicated to helping her community and giving back. In fact, that's the reason she is expanding to open Neighborhood Offices so that quality legal representation is more accessible. With her plans to use these Neighborhood Offices as Community Resource Centers in addition to offices, Attorney Lee is establishing herself as someone approaching the practice of law in a refreshing way.

While she's been practicing for 10 years, she's still relatively young. It is advisable to keep your eyes peeled to see what she does next and one could only expect great things. Particularly because she already has a successful boutique law firm that rivals larger firms. The time and passion she brings to her cases go a very long way with clients. Not to mention the almost unfettered access her clients have to her via cell phone and her clients take full advantage of her accessibility. It's a great way for attorneys to interact with clients. You can check out more about Attorney Linda Lee and LEE | LAW at http://www.leeforlaw.com or give her a call at 303.222.7068. Make sure you stop by her new office at 501 S. Cherry Street, 11th Floor, Denver, Colorado 80246; or, stop by one of her many new Neighborhood Offices to learn more about the resources available.

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